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River Of Lies – heavy hardcore mob GUILT TRIP drop new video!

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If you need some proper energy for whatever you are doing on Monday, this furious offering will definitely help you out. Manchester based pumped up, metallized hardcore act GUILT TRIP just dropped their new LP “River Of Lies” on BDHW Records and released a new music video on support of the heavy title-track! Dig it!



Take a look inside a fate that forsakes you
Your frail chest can’t take the force
Hands bound by the caustic ropes and your feet glued down to the molten floor

You can’t fight through the weight of the chaos
Your life fades as your hope dies
Life worth nothing but the dust in your pockets
Everything you built slowly decays
Your world stands on the tip of the blade
Sever the bloodline
I’ll make sure you’re the last of your kind

You stare with a void in the eyes
Empty like the words that you wrote
Lay you beneath the dirt
I’ll rip the breath from your throat

Sever the bloodline
This is the River of Lies

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