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Rome hardcore stalwarts RAINSWEPT share new single “Diss Days”

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Rome hardcore unit RAINSWEPT have revealed the second single from their first full-length album, “No Threats Allowed”, out on July 1st 2024 via Time To Kill Records.

The band commented: “Even if the album’s concept can be seen as a positive message of hope and progress, there’s still room for some criticism. ‘Diss Days’ criticizes the mental closure towards the potential of future generations. Remaining attached to our beliefs, even if those who come after us show us that there is a more constructive way of dealing with things, is a sign of backwardness”.

The album covers a lot of territory throughout its succinct rampage. Not only does RAINSWEPT deliver the expected classic hardcore sound, the influence from more contemporary styles, along with some metal vibes, pushes its way to the forefront, culminating in the band’s most vicious material yet.

“No Threats Allowed” blends various musical tastes from classic NYHC to edgier notes of 90s metal, featuring fast riffs, two-step parts, and breakdowns.

Conceptually, it serves as a declaration of intent, a manifesto. Years of sick and toxic social dynamics, both in personal life and even within the music scene, have led the band to feel the need to create a safe space, where the foundation lies in self-reflection and interaction with others. Only by respecting each individual’s mental well-being can there be collective improvement.

For fans of: Madball, Drain, Terror, Incendiary


RAINSWEPT is a hardcore band, established in Rome, from an idea of the drummer Luigi (Coloss/Strength Approach/First Blood/Blvd of Death) who started writing songs in early 2022.

Sided by bass player Ale (ex Strength Approach) they began to write arrangements. The duo then recruited Andrea (Second by Default/Murder Spree) on vocals. Eventually, after some changes on guitar, Daniele (Maiali) and Valentino completed the line-up, giving their contribution to the songwriting.
About six months later the band recorded “Demo 2022” at Till Deaf Recording Studio and then proceeded to film a videoclip for their first single “Tide Mind”, all under the wing of Time To Kill Records. In the following months, they began to play gigs and fests sharing the stage with bands like Slug Gore, Fulci, Drain, Last Wishes, 3ND7R and Internal Bleeding.

After a tour in Germany and Belgium, RAINSWEPT started focusing on the production of their first full-length album.

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