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Santa Cruz hardcore pack BØW shares new EP “INFECTIOUS SALTY ASSAULT II”

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BØW, the rowdy hardcore punk band formed in 2021 in Santa Cruz, Portugal, has dropped their new EP, “INFECTIOUS SALTY ASSAULT II.

The quartet recorded their first EP in January 2022 and have since become a staple in the underground music scene, sharing stages with bands like IGNITE and COMEBACK KID.

BØW’s debut 5-track EP, “INFECTIOUS SALTY ASSAULT,” showcased their aggressive and visceral hardcore punk style, characterized by powerful riffs and passionate, enraged lyrics.

BØW by Rafaelg_visuals
BØW by Rafaelg_visuals

The band’s DIY ethos extended to the recording process and visuals, collaborating with illustration artist CVSPE to create a unique and impactful aesthetic.

The new EP, “INFECTIOUS SALTY ASSAULT II,” continues the band’s tradition of delivering high-energy, cathartic punk-hardcore. The new EP continues their blend of self-reflection and social critique, packed into five new tracks.

BØW by Rafaelg_visuals
BØW by Rafaelg_visuals

If you’re into TRASH TALK, CEREMONY, SPY, GEL, or DRUG CHURCH, you’ll want to check this out.

The EP os out June 9th through Raging Planet Records and Ring Leader Label.

BØW by Rafaelg_visuals
BØW by Rafaelg_visuals

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