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ROPE’s ‘Higher Violence’ showcases their musical journey through trials and resilience

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Rope’sHigher Violence’ is a convergence of sonic energies birthed from a nexus of physical distance and emotional intimacy. The new release captures an authentic essence of the band that, despite being spread across the European landscape, maintains an unmistakable cohesion.

At the helm is singer-guitarist Kai Woolen-Lewis, a stalwart figure, who stands as the lodestone in the band’s magnetic field. Rope’s discography is less a linear evolution, and more a kaleidoscope of influences. Shimmering fragments of doomy post-hardcore, atmospheric slowcore, and 70s classic-rock psychedelia coalesce to form a mosaic that is both striking and subtly nuanced.

The aptly titled ‘Higher Violence’ serves as a metaphorical weather vane, encapsulating the band’s navigation through the turbulence of unforeseen and unstoppable forces, an adaptation of the German term ‘Höhere Gewalt’. This album, much like its creators, has been shaped by the tumultuous events of its inception – from the loss of band members to the grip of addiction and the relentless setbacks brought about by the global pandemic.

The making of the album itself is an ode to the band’s perseverance and resilience. It has emerged as a beacon of catharsis and expression, an emblem of the resilient spirit that has marked Rope’s journey so far. Despite the inevitable chaos that ensued in its creation, the resulting work is a testament to the band’s ability to channel their struggles into something with a potency that resonates far beyond the confines of their music.

Within ‘Higher Violence,’ listeners are invited to witness the band’s evolution in a deeply introspective narrative. The songs retain the muscular intensity characteristic of Rope’s past records, but this time, with an expanded palette of atmospheres and influences. Woolen-Lewis’s poetic storytelling offers a candid exploration of subjects as diverse as friendship, love, loss, and the harsh realities of late-capitalist society. The lyrics, sharply insightful yet inherently human, serve as a contemplative mirror to our shared experiences.


The album’s lead single, ‘Neon Glow,’ offers a taster of what’s to come. The song is a lyrical juxtaposition of iconic Berlin landmarks and the nuances of a relationship in flux, a softer but still recognizably Rope offering. It’s an intriguing insight into the band’s evolution, a shift towards more immediate and accessible soundscapes, while preserving their characteristic intensity.

The creation of ‘Higher Violence’ is an anecdote of togetherness. It is a story of individual talents converging, and the joy of music being the unifying thread, defying physical separation and temporal delays. As Woolen-Lewis remarks, the true power of the record lies in the collective act of creating music and in the shared camaraderie of the band, a testament to resilience in the face of adversities.


On the 4th of August, ‘Higher Violence’ will make its anticipated debut, with the LP and cassette available through Beth Shalom Records.

Neon Glow,’ the album’s herald, can be pre-ordered on cassette from Beth Shalom Records and streamed on major platforms.

ROPE band

The band’s latest offering is a testament to their indomitable spirit, a chronicle of their journey woven together with strands of sonic maturity and lyrical honesty.

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