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COOKED’s ‘Wet Match’: a raw exploration of self-destruction and recovery

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Cooked, a relatively fresh arrival to the music scene, has made its mark with a potent blend of grunge-infused punk rock that is raw, honest, and poignant. Their most recent release, “Wet Match“, is a standout track that showcases their ability to tap into darker, personal experiences to create music that is both confrontational and cathartic.

“Wet Match”, in the words of the band, is a “sincere and honest ode” to a tumultuous time in Phoenix, Arizona. The group lived together, worked together, and even indulged in hedonistic pursuits together, painting a picture of reckless camaraderie that was as endearing as it was destructive. However, this song is more than a mere homage to a chaotic past – it’s a raw excavation of a time marred by addiction, deceit, and self-destruction.

The frontman’s introduction to smoking fentanyl, despite already having a shaky past with substances, quickly derailed his life. As he confesses, this was no accidental descent – there was no moderation, no will power. The ‘wheels fell off almost instantaneously’. It’s this brutal honesty and introspection that makes the track a chilling narrative of self-destruction and eventual self-realization.

The track confronts the isolation that substance misuse often breeds, the shame that makes it hard to admit to oneself and others the depth of one’s addiction.

It captures the transition from a shared life of youthful indulgence to a solitary existence driven by dependency.

The band’s new music video for “Wet Match” brings this narrative to life. Directed and edited by Jack Wiley, the video visually encapsulates the dark, introspective theme of the song. It is a stark and honest portrayal of the turmoil evoked by the song, with Wiley’s nuanced understanding of the narrative evident in his directorial choices.

“Wet Match” concludes with a potent realization – the protagonist was not a victim but a perpetrator of his own suffering. There is a deep sense of ownership and accountability for one’s actions, a theme that resonates with many listeners, regardless of their own personal experiences with addiction.


Looking forward, Cooked has been honing their collaborative process in the creation of their new music. The band hints at a forthcoming EP, stating that the new songs “pull back another layer”. In addition to this, they are gearing up for a summer of shows, with the potential of a small tour in the fall.

Stay connected with Cooked via the band’s Instagram to keep up with show dates and more.

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