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RUN LIKE HELL – “Remedy” video

Directed by Jeroen Moerdijk, the video promotes some of the best aspects of the Dutch hardcore band. RUN LIKE HELL released an EP in 2013 and recently recorded a 5 song EP called “fortunate souls|wretched world”, to be released on White Russian Records and Smithsfoofgroup DIY.


We are constantly searching for a remedy, or for a solution to our problems and answers to questions.
But why the fuck don’t we look where our problems come from. How we became ill, how we became sick in the first place.

Prevention of disease leads to loss of profits.
With wrong education and false information.
They try to make and keep us sick.
The roots of our problems mostly lies in what we ingest.

A struggle caused by greed for a short extension of life.
The hunger for money and power stands above health.
We struggle to heal our bodies while they feed the disease. We can find the truth which is within reach.

The truth is within reach, but viciously kept away.

It’s time to realize who’s the real enemy.
By feeding our thoughts and refind our combativeness we can break their imperium down

We are fighting the wrong war.

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