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RUSSIAN GIRLFRIENDS – “Terrible Twos” video

RUSSIAN GIRLFRIENDS is a rock n roll band from Albuquerque, New Mexico featuring ex members of GLITTER DICK, FORBIDDEN and the KOFFIN KATS. Formed in the summer of 2014, the group has a full length album recorded and has been exploring label options. Already burning a hole in the pocket of their local scene, playing/headlining with great local acts as well as sharing the stage with larger touring acts (Such as HUDSON FALCONS, KOFFIN KATS, and an upcoming show with MARKED INTRUDER on March 30), they are putting some playing time under their belts before gearing up for tour later this year.

The band commented:

Recently, our guitar player, Ian, lost his mother to cancer. She is featured in the video. The song, while not about this specific incident, tells a familiar story about family,loss and the struggle to keep centered while your world falls apart around you. The video is more of a reflection of hope in the face of death.


We don’t talk about it
We don’t talk at all
The bouquet decays
In the back seat every fall
Any loving gesture seems a bit too much
A calloused comfort, the coldest touch
Is the only thing we can still consider ours
I replace the vase as she waits in the car
All the talks and tests; the terrible twos
The “I’m sorry son. We’ve done all we can do”s
Its never a good time to get bad news
And you’re never too old to die too soon
We put all of our wishes upon a falling star
Now I replace the vase and she waits in the car
Tiny footprints, tiny hands
Tiny heart beats echo in…
Wars were waged in heaven every second that you lived
A choir of paper angels still sings above an empty crib
And you were such a fighter
You gave them both right and left
It’s not how you take the punches
It’s how you take your breaths

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