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Sadcore Trash – Berlin’s lo-fi psych post punks BASEMENT STARS release “The High And Low Tapes”

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“Sadcore Trash – The high and low tapes” is the newest noisy alt experiment from Berlin’s lo-fi garage post punk artists dubbed BASEMENT STARS, a duo of German female-singer Koko and the Swiss Gary Sinnlos (ABGAS/GLOOMY STARS) on guitar and noise.

“Little bohemian poems wrapped in trash sound. Emotional states and situations from a turbulent life”, comments the band, who joins us today for a brief track by track commentary on all of the 4 tracks from the EP recorded live in one take, with no pre-demos prepared. They call this manner a “a real virgin sadcore trash” and they could be quite right about it. Dive into their lo-fi mellow sadness below and listen for yourself.

Baseent Stars

Upside down and high and low

A situation when you are lost down, and the only way up is to realize that your vulnerability and your fragility is a strength.

No shadow without light

Struggling, balancing, jumping, reflecting, surviving and go on, dancing on the rope of life.

Head up and fuck ‘em all

A kind of a children song. No matter how cruel the world is to you, never give up. With a little touch of a spiritual input, and grandma said …

Wild living fast

It´s an adaption from a fairy tale book called “Ulpi in the land of hobos”. A real story about a real bohemian life with all his highs and lows, until the end.

Basement Stars

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