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SARGHUMA INCOXIS: A disturbing sonic journey into the ethereal

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Sarghuma Incoxis, the captivating project and the brainchild of Alejandro Gómez (also of IDIOTEQ featured ÖÖ) weaves dreamy and ambient soundscapes, infusing them with distorted textures of shoegaze and a minimalistic approach, resulting in a seamless blend of ever-evolving songs. The magic of Sarghuma Incoxis is undeniable, leaving listeners frozen in awe and captivated by the enchanting allure of the music.

Noche Alucinante” possesses a mesmerizing quality, as if time stands still while simultaneously subtly shifting. Each moment is delicately frozen in a sublime state, waiting to unfold its secrets to those who listen attentively. With an intricate tapestry of countless guitars, keyboards, and loops, Sarghuma Incoxis creates a cinematic experience that takes listeners on an introspective journey.

The title of the album, “Noche Alucinante,” defies simple translation. While it may loosely translate to “amazing night,” the true essence lies within the Spanish word “alucinante,” derived from hallucination. This hints at the perceptual alterations and visionary qualities that permeate the music.

The concept of freezing a singular moment, suspending it in eternity, is at the core of the album’s themes. It delves into the liminal space between life and death, existing as a lost ghost meandering through contradictory states of being. Sarghuma Incoxis challenges perceptions and invites listeners to explore the paradoxes of existence.

Sarghuma Incoxis

The album cover artwork, thoughtfully crafted by Alejandro Gómez himself, encapsulates the enigmatic nature of the music. It features an illustration of a young girl with white hair and elderly hands, embodying multiple states of being within a single entity. This ghostly representation mirrors the existential ponderings explored throughout the album. It invites contemplation on the nature of existence and raises the question: perhaps we are all ghosts in our own way.

The two epic side-long tracks on “Noche Alucinante” further showcase the depth of Sarghuma Incoxis’ artistry. The first track, “A veces no existe nadie sobre la faz de la tierra” (“Sometimes there is no one on the face of the earth”), envelops listeners in a heavy and minimalistic soundwall, creating a profound sense of introspection. In contrast, “El sol que refugia este calvario” (“The sun that shelters this calvary”) exudes a more shoegaze-ambient ambiance, immersing listeners in a contemplative soundscape.

Sarghuma Incoxis

Sarghuma Incoxis’s music transcends traditional boundaries, transporting listeners to a realm where time is fluid and perceptions are heightened. With “Noche Alucinante,” Alejandro Gómez crafts a mesmerizing sonic experience that invites introspection and sparks the imagination.

Prepare to embrace the ghostly whispers of Sarghuma Incoxis as you venture into a realm where the boundaries of reality blur and ethereal beauty unfolds.


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