NEVER ENDING GAME by ReelLife Creative House
NEVER ENDING GAME by ReelLife Creative House
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Thick riffed hardcore beast is here: “Outcry” from NEVER ENDING GAME streaming in full

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Detroit hardcore crew Never Ending Game just dropped their latest album, Outcry, via Triple B Records. This record captures the essence of their Motor City roots, drawing on influences and imagery from their hometown while delivering a raw mix of hopelessness and optimism.

Vocalist Mikey Petroski emphasizes the significance of Detroit in shaping the band’s sound and lyrics. From growing up surrounded by Motown’s song structures to the emotional resonance of Bob Seger’s tunes, Detroit’s musical legacy runs deep in their DNA. Acts like Negative Approach and Cold As Life paved the way for hardcore bands to be taken seriously in Detroit, fueling the band’s pride in representing their city.

Beyond the heartfelt sentiments, Never Ending Game’s songs on Outcry showcase their evolution. Breaking out in 2018 with their EP, Welcome To The…, and solidifying their presence with 2019’s Just Another Day, they have now pushed their sound to new heights. Combining hardcore with elements of traditional metal, the album boasts grand intros, infectious choruses, impressive guitar solos, and, of course, plenty of breakdowns.

With the release of two singles, “Memories” and “Never Die,” the band has given a taste of the specialness that defines Outcry. “Memories” immediately captivates, as Petroski’s gritty vocals amplify the reflective lyrics. Meanwhile, “Never Die” promises to be a pit favorite, featuring guest vocals by Justice Tripp of Trapped Under Ice, with Sam Trapkin handling the guitar composition. As the album unfolds, the hook-laden “Tank On E” lingers in the mind, while the furious and melodic closing track, “Something Wrong,” provides a powerful send-off.

Outcry stands as a testament to Never Ending Game’s ability to honor their roots while injecting old-school hardcore with a contemporary edge. It’s a memorable album that celebrates their Detroit origins and solidifies their place in the hardcore scene. Prepare for a headbanging journey through the Motor City, courtesy of Never Ending Game’s relentless energy and modern vision.

Tour Dates:


5/20 – Kenilworth, NJ @ VFW
6/2 – Chicago, IL @ Metro w/ Drain, Incendiary, and more
6/3 – Detroit, MI @ Tied Down Fest

w/ Gridiron

6/30 – Pittsburg, PA @ Perserving Underground
7/1 – Long Island, NY @ Amityville Music Hall
7/2 – Philadelphia, PA @ F.U. Church
7/3 – Richmond, VA @ The Warehouse
7/4 – Toledo, OH @ Ottawa Tavern

Never Ending Game by Danielle Parsons
Never Ending Game by Danielle Parsons

“Never Ending Game are low-key one of the best bands in hardcore right now. Their music is typically extremely brutal, cold-as-concrete metallic hardcore that channels the hardest bands in the genre’s history, but with lyrics that are stuffed with poignant, real-deal emotion.” – Revolver

“Detroit’s Never Ending Game have carved out a rep as one of the hardest bands in all of hardcore. The band’s sound is an absolutely brutal metallic stomp.” – Stereogum

“An absolute monster of a record.” – Distorted Sound

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