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SAXON frontman talks about the band’s new album

SAXON frontman Biff Byford was recently interviewed by Niclas Müller-Hansen of Sweden’s Metalshrine, where he talks about the band’s new album, which they plan to release in February 2013.

Metalshrine: What are you up to?

Biff: I’m in the studio actually, writing songs for the next album.

Metalshrine: How far gone are you?

Biff: Just a couple of songs at the moment.

Metalshrine: When you write, do you write with a guitar or…?

Biff: Well, the whole band’s here so we’re all writing together. It’s just a writing session. It’s going good.

Metalshrine: So this is probably planned for next year then?

Biff: Yeah, February 2013 is the scheduled release for it. It’s a mixture of classic rock and heavy metal. That’s where we’re at, at the moment. It should be good.

Metalshrine: Cool. Are you gonna produce it yourselves or bring someone in?

Biff: We’re gonna co-produce it ourselves and we’re gonna get Andy Sneap to mix it for us. He’s a pretty cool mix engineer.

You can read the rest of the interview here.


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