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THE END OF THE CENTURY PARTY‘s emotive and intense hardcore sound was different from anything else on the local punk labels, so I was positively surprised when one of the members of the band sent me an email, asking me to arrange a little feature for his new project called SCIENCE. Fast forward five months, and we are now unveiling IDIOTEQ’s first video interview ever, a new type of partnership to support punk artists even more and promote them even better.

It seems that the good guys from SCIENCE took all the diverse sounds of dozens local bands from their neighborhood of Tampa, Florida, wrapped it around with amazing old school punk feel and created a nice melodic, yet roughened, and powerful mixture that somehow keeps a listener in constant motion. Their debut album is definitely worth your check, so I really suggest you check it out!

Watch the video interview below and scroll down to read a text transcript featuring some links and, most of all, a full stream of SCIENCE‘s debut record titled “East Coast Education”!

Hey guys! Tell me more about how you started SCIENCE and a few challenges you had to overcome in the first couple of months of your existence.

Edwin: We all go back several years playing in bands together here in Tampa, FL. Mark and I started jamming again in 2012 and recruited Don and Ed in subsequent years to join us. As far as early challenges, just staying focused on writing is fairly challenging. Whether it’s being booked to play shows or personal responsibilities, it’s hard to sometimes stay focused and take the time to refine our music. We probably had 20 songs and only ended up using 10 for our latest release.

Is this a one off project or are you guys a full-time band now? What about your other bands? Are some of them still active?

Edwin: This is our full time band now. Some of the other bands we’ve been in include CLAIRMEL, ARTICLES, THE END OF THE CENTURY PARTY. None are still active.

Where are you originally from?

Edwin: From the Tampa, FL lived in New York City for 6 years

Don: Tampa, FL lived in Gainesville, FL for several years

Mark: St Petersburg, FL

Ed: Tampa,FL and Miami FL

How would you describe the local music scene where grew up? Edwin, how would you compare it with the NYC indie / punk / hardcore environment?

Edwin: Tampa Florida is very famous for being a place where death metal developed. When I was younger the bands in our neighbourhood scene went on to international fame. Bands like MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, and NASTY SAVAGE were locals who you would run into at rehearsals, small shows and parties. The hardcore / punk scene that developed here was always had roots in metal. Bands like ASSUCK and PAINEATER in the late eighties /early nineties are a direct reflection of that influence. With all that being said, most new bands from here (of all styles) have the confidence and historic base to be creative, underground and independent. In my opinion that confidence is in part due to the strong history of Tampa’s music output since the eighties.

When comparing the Tampa scene to the current New York scene, both cities are strong. There may be a difference in competition and inspirations though. To me it seems that in Tampa you are free to play whatever style or sound you want to an open minded audience. In New York the audience may seem a little more jaded or socially (not musically) oriented.

Ok, so back to the band. Where does the name come from? Are you men of science? :)

Edwin: Mark (our drummer) and I actually made instrumental demos several years ago and did not have a name for the band at the time. We recently unearthed the original demos and “SCIENCE” was written on it so we decided to go with that for this new project. Not really any deep meaning to the name haha.

Have you always taken an interest in melodic side of punk rock or has this interest evolved as you have performed different sub-genres?

Edwin: We just play whatever comes out of us. We respect all original music that comes from the heart.

“East Coast Education” was released a couple of months ago. Was it a struggle to put these tunes together? Now that it has finally made its way to the public, does it feel like there is a big weight off your shoulders? Or are you already working on your next record and there’s no such thing as relief for you hard workers?

We definitely spent a long time before the final recording making demos and rearranging songs etc… and it was a big weight off our shoulders to finish but, yes, we are actively working on new material for our next release.

Nice. Any details ready to be shared?

No details yet on the next project.

Do you all enjoy recording? Was the process a bit stressful?

It’s both stressful and enjoyable because you want to be finished and satisfied yet you want high quality (which takes time and effort).

What can we expect from your live shows? Are there any gigs booked for the coming months?

We have one show a month booked here in our area for the next several months.

How about Europe? Is it tempting to slowly plot such an undertaking?

We would definitely love to play in Europe if the opportunity presented itself.

Who are some of the bands you have been listening to a lot lately? Any names we should check out?

SOLIDS from Canada. HOLOGRAMS from Sweden. EAGULLS from England. Haha I just realized these bands names are all nouns that end with the letter s!

You recently released a new video collab with M.I.A. and the Ride Channel. Please introduce these guys and tell us more about the project.

MIA is a company owned by our guitarist Ed Selego. Ed was asked by his friends at the Ride channel to produce a video showing his company and the skaters around the Miami area. Since we were working on music and he was working on the video simultaneously it was a natural collaboration.

Are you all into skateboarding?

Our city, Tampa, is known around the world for skateboarding and as the location of the Skatepark of Tampa. Our friend (and honorary fifth band member) is the owner of this skatepark. Ed is a former professional skater and owns two skateshops in Miami. We all grew up in the skateboard culture and are linked to it in many ways.

When did you start skateboarding? How did you get into skating?

We all started skating in middle school on the streets and backyards of the Tampa, St. Petersburg Florida area.

What inspired you to keep skatin’? Who inspired you?

Skating and music come from the same source to us: Self expression.
The inspiration list runs long but, anyone who masters the art of self expression is an inspiration. From John Coltrane to Natas Kaupas.

Has skateboarding influenced your writing?

Not specifically but in general.

Ok guys. Thanks a lot for the quick check in and sharing some thoughts with our users. What else? Feel free to sum it up and take care!

Thanks for checking out our band and listening to our music. We plan on shipping vinyl LP’s to Europe within the next few months. You can contact us through: instagram: @sciencetpa and bandcamp.

SCIENCE Bandcamp
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Photo by Christopher Wharton.

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