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Screamo act MASSA NERA drops new surprise remix album

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New Jersey’s screamo innovators MASSA NERA surprise fans with an unexpected release, ‘D//Q//B[2.0]’, a remix album of their acclaimed work ‘Derramar | Querer | Borrar‘.

Drawing inspiration from albums like ’26 Mixes for Cash’ and ‘Further Down the Spiral’, this new project continues the band’s tradition of raw, emotional hardcore while exploring new sonic territories.

Massa Nera

This release follows last year’s feature on their influences and impact on the screamo scene, highlighting their journey from raw, unfiltered anger to a more nuanced, post-rock-infused sound.

The new album promises to be a fresh reinterpretation of their celebrated style, offering a renewed glimpse into the depth and creativity of MASSA NERA. Listen for yourself.

The band credits their exploration of electronic music during the original album’s creation as a key inspiration, leading them back to the remix albums that shaped their early musical experiences.

This new project allowed them to revisit and reinterpret the core themes of ‘DQB’, paying homage to their musical roots while pushing boundaries.

The collaboration with a diverse group of artists such as Amy Christine, Seaphoamm, and Planning for Burial, among others, has resulted in a transformative experience. These artists have taken the essence of MASSA NERA’s work and reimagined it, offering listeners a rich tapestry of styles ranging from noise and techno to hip-hop.

Massa Nera

Massa Nera — 2023/2024 Tour Dates with Infant Island:

12/14 – Pittsburgh, PA (West Egg) with Kaiba and Violence
12/15 – Ridgewood, NY (Trans-Pecos) with Sonagi and Auxiena Saint
12/16 – Boston, MA (Democracy Center) with New Forms
12/17 – Philadelphia, PA (Kung Fu Necktie) (matinee) with Lastima and Mt. Ida
12/18 – Richmond, VA (Bandito’s) with Ostraca and Humanitarian Deficit

Massa Nera by @davedeath
Massa Nera by @davedeath

Southern California Tour:

01/18 – Fullerton, CA (Programme Skate & Sound) w/ Onewaymirror, Clay Birds, and Washer
01/19 – La Jolla, CA (Che Café) w/ Habak, Aren’t We Amphibians, …and today, it was you, and a Special Guest
01/20 – Los Angeles, CA (Bad Dog Compound) w/ Quiet Fear, Lagrimas, Knumears, and Ghost Spirit
01/21 (Matinee) – Riverside, CA (Back to the Grind) w/ Trains to Juniper, and Triple Exposure
01/21 (Evening) – Pomona, CA w/ Knumears, Quiet Fear So Concerned, and Othiel

Quiet Fear — 2023/2024 Tour Dates

12/1 – Philadelphia, PA (Dilly Dally Festival)
12/12 – Fullerton, CA (Programme Skate & Sound)
01/20 – Los Angeles, CA (Bad Dog Compound) w/ Massa Nera, Lagrimas, Knumears, and Ghost Spirit
01/21 – Riverside, CA (Back to the Grind) w/ Massa Nera, Triple Exposure, and Trains to Juniper

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