Screamo act REPUBLIC OF DREAMS returns with a charity show alongside SOASTASPHRENAS and ONLY

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Fresh off the release of their amazing new album “Moirae”, Berlin based dark screamo band SOASTASPHRENAS (see our recent feature HERE) are teaming up with German / Polish screamo band REPUBLIC OF DREAMS (members of Louise Cyphre and Resurrectionists) and Berlin’s ONLY for a benefit show in support of the refugees on the Polish-Belarusian border.

Refugees at the Poland-Belarus border are in a difficult position, as they are stuck between a steel wall and inhumane treatment. They are holding out for the chance that Poland will let them in, but the wait is dangerous due to the freezing temperatures of winter.

This crisis was caused by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko a year ago as retaliation for sanctions imposed on his country by the EU. Despite a decrease in numbers, hundreds of migrants still try to cross the border every week. A recent report showed that over 1,000 people sought humanitarian assistance at the border just between October and November 2022.

These refugees are caught in the middle of a conflict between Belarus and the EU, and more healthcare organizations should get involved to help them as the cold temperatures will continue for several months.

Republic Of Dreams gig

With this event all bands and the organizers (Sand in der Maschine) want to show solidarity with the refugees. The proceeds will go to a group of activists who are providing support by taking care of the needs of those who are forced to stay in the forest for days in low temperatures without drinking water or food, threatened by push-backs or being imprisoned in heavily guarded, closed detention centers.

The show will take place at Bethaniendamm in  Berlin-Kreuzberg on January 21st. RSVP here and see more details in the flyer above.

We took this chance and have caught up with all three bands to give us quick updates on what’s up in their camps and share some other bands tips to keep you busy in 2023!

Republic of dreams

Republic of dreams
Republic of dreams

“After about not beeing together with instruments in one rooms – 2023 seems to provide us with chances to finally play some music together again.” – comements the band. “For that we are greatful. Due to our personal schedules and lifes we are still far from beeing an active band though. So there are no new releases to announce, no new music has been written – but who knows what happenes once the spirit is awake again haha”

Republic Of Dreams are looking forward to see whats coming from a couple of noteworthy bands in 2023 and you should definitely keep your eyes peeled on them as well: Piri Reis, Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Cassus, Amygdala, Kyhl, Marais, yearning


“We just put out our debut record “Moirae”, which we’re pretty excited about but of course that doesn’t mean we’re done writing songs; we have a few ideas for our next release that we definitely want to explore more.” – says the band.

“Most importantly in 2023 we want to somehow grow and support the scene here in Berlin with more shows, promotion of local artists and of course by encouraging inclusivity.”

As far as concerts go, Soastasphrenas have some potential shows lined up for spring-time and hopefully a mini-tour or two, but nothing concrete yet.

Shout outs from Soastasphrenas go to: Burial Etiquette, Only, Curse Of The Ninth, Mavro Gala, Me̝ty.


ONLY was formed in late 2021 in Berlin, Germany.


Massimo (drums – Italy) and Giulio (vocals – Italy), had been toying around with the idea of starting a band inspired by their favorite screamo acts. By November, Keir (guitar – Scotland) and Cesar (bass – Venezuela) had also joined to complete the four-piece lineup.

Throughout the first half of 2022, the band managed to collaboratively write material that would eventually end up on their debut EP, titled “I”, inspired by bands like La quiete, Raein and Converge.

Sand in der Maschine is a DIY concert promotion act originally based in Warsaw, but has recently relocated to Berlin. The company was known for putting on concerts at the ADA Puławska venue in Warsaw. Dubbed after the song “Piach w maszynie” by the band Antichrist, Sand in der Maschine focuses on booking and promoting screamo and crust punk acts, with a DIY and positive approach.

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