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Screamo dual split video premiere: Colombian act VIENTRE teams up with Mexico based SATÓN for a new joint project – watch here!

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Mexican bleak post hardcore / screamo act SATÓN and Cali, Colombia based emotional, atmospheric post hardcore band VIENTRE are back to our pages with a wonderful new split music video, out today in collaboration with Zegema Beach Records!


The idea for this split dates back before starting the Vientre and Satón tour in Mexico.

Cover art by MUDØ. Photos by Maximo Huete. Video by Mishel Ceballos from The Hum Initiative.


“The main idea of this split was to attract more people to the venues and create more interest in the tour, however due to the time and the approach of the tour, we did the split at the end of autumn, after our tour had ended.” – comments SATÓN.

“Right at the beginning of the tour we realized that the reception and support of the public was more overwhelming than we expected and since we started noticing that the shows would be a little more cathartic and that the support of organizers, labels, friends and the public was genuine, we decided to video document as much as possible.”


Asked about the new split music video, SATÓN explains: “With the help of our friend Mishell Ceballos and her camera, we started recording each show starting from the third date (it is unlucky to say that the first 2 amazing shows we shared with such great bands like Annapura and Naïveté could not be filmed because it was something he had not planned on doing right from the beginning).”

“We guess that what we’re trying to say is that for us, the main idea for this split was promo for the tour, but now this split is the trophy that celebrates our hearts burning again, it celebrates our friendship with Vientre, which has not been affected by time or distance, but above all we want this Video Split to be a small token of gratitude for all the support, dedication and love that the attendees and people involved in this tour gave us.” – they conclude.

“We really hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it.”

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