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VIENTRE breathes new life into atmopsheric post hardcore with enchanting new masterpiece “Estado De Imago”

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9 months after the release of their amazing split record with Texas screamo act LYED, Cali, Colombia based emotional, atmospheric post hardcore band VIENTRE are back with their most creative and adventurous offering, “Estado De Imago”. The 11-tracker is a tremendous success for the band that lures the listener through a maze that turns around akin corners, drawing you into the thrilling cinematic experience. Balancing between post rock inspirations, screamo intensity and artsy constructs, VIENTRE discovers a new window, leading us to new places, proving the absolute mastery of their craft. This is simplyenrapturing.

““Estado de Imago” speaks about our lives as a band and as individuals for the past years, of the challenges that we’ve gone through, being confronted with our mistakes and with the persistent hope that things get stable enough for shows and tours to start happening again.” – comments the band.


“Stillness can be useful, but we sorely miss the open possibilities that come with being on the move.” – they admit.

“This album is about the value of acknowledging our own faults, how hard it can be to come to terms with our mistakes and continue moving forward, a constant fight against stagnation.”

In terms of sound, this album showcases Vientre’s more mellow and melodic side, lots of clean singing and arpeggiated guitars with reverb. However there are some bouts of aggression and jagged structures that burst out from time to time.

Vientre members: Ivan Zapata & Carlos Escobar

Continues the band: “We had a couple of songs that we had recorded back in 2018 with this sound and we ended up writing a lot more songs in that same vein since then so we took the opportunity of lockdown, (as well as the fact that Miguel from Mico’s recording studio Carne Débil had just finished construction a couple months before the pandemic hit) to record the rest of these songs, in a way to get these sounds out of our system in order to make way for new sounds to come.”

Recording duties were mainly handled by Iván in Carne Débil. Local visual artist Diana Urazán handled the cover artwork and packaging.

“Estado de Imago” has 11 songs. Two already have music videos that are up on youtube and another two have been released through a split with another band from Cali called Hanahaki.

The pandemic lockdown has inevitably had an impact on all our local artistic collectives as we’re sure has been the case for most of the world, we’ve done a couple streaming fests with Jauría, a collective we have with friends in bands to book shows in our town, but we sorely miss the sonic heft and physical presence of live music.


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