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“Sea of Misery” – an interview with Australian heavyweights CROWNED KINGS

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With the official release of their new record “Sea of Misery” just around the corner, we had a chance to chat with Australian heavy hardcore pack CROWNED KINGS, who answered some questions about their newest work and hardcore scene in general.

Slated for a March 23rd release through Demons Run Amok, and 10-54 Records, “Sea of Misery” is a follow-up to the band’s 2015 offering “Forked Road” and was produced by Nick Jett of TERROR / PIECE BY PIECE. The outing strikes with 13 heavy songs in the vein of early 00’s HATEBREED, SWORN ENEMY, and TERROR, and can be heard in its entirety below (courtesy of the recent premiere over at AwayFromLife). Although their creative achievements of aren’t revolutionary, CROWNED KINGS‘ delivery is well-balanced, thorough and consistent, and without a doubt they continue to steer the Australian heavy hardcore scene. And “Sea of Misery” proves they still possess the musical rigor and force that make a lot of bands bow down.

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us here on IDIOTEQ! I’ve been following your stuff for years and I’m stoked we can finally get into some of the details of your work! We are starting to freeze over our asses here in Warsaw. How are you? How’s Melbourne?

Hey! Me and the guys in Crowned Kings are doing great. Thanks for asking

Melbourne weather is nice and warm right now so when I’m not playing shows you can find me doing backstroke in my pool.

Oh man, and we’re freezing our asses off here in Warsaw, that’s plain not fair haha!

Ok, so it’s been almost 3 years since the release of ‘Forked Road’ and you’re about to unveil your newest record, Sea of Misery. You seem to be readying for your next big hit every three years haha, huh? How’s that? How does it feel to be on the verge of this new era?

Yeah as soon as forked road was released I stated to write. I had the hunger to keep our music continually growing. I felt like keeping the same feel that CK has had over the years but following along the heavier side of music like some of the tracks from forked road. I wanted to release something that was evolved musically and mentally. I work shopped a lot of my ideas with Makka and Jack to come up with the new album Sea Of Misery. Everything on this album is a huge step up and positive progression without loosing the CK feel and vibe from previous releases. It has taken three years since the last album but I have already started writing for the next album so hopefully it won’t be three years again.

Awesome! What triggered so much inspiration to write new stuff?

One of my main inspirations for writing was when I was a little kid I used to be obsessed in music. I used to dream of playing in front of people and performing on stage. This hunger just kept on growing inside of me as I grew older. My parents always told me to follow my dreams no matter how big they were. So that is always something that I hold on to. One thing in life that’s so true is that even if you don’t reach your dreams fully doing something to move towards it is always better than doing nothing and seeing slip past you.


Content wise, what were some of the topics you’ve decided to touch on this time?

Some of the topics this album runs through range from toxic relationships, Broken homes, destroying the planet, believing in yourself, insomnia, becoming your inner beast, plus a special song written in dedication to our brother Carlos who passed away during the start of this album. RIP brother!

Lyrics aside, where do you look for when needing a shot of inspiration for your new tracks?

Inspiration for the new tracks came from growing up listening to bands like Metallica, Pantera and Slayer. I’ve always been inspired by their riffs and groove drumming. So to mix that in with the Crowned Kings sound was a perfect way to progressively write the new songs.

When did you fall in love with hardcore? Do you remember your first punk show?

I fell in love with hardcore around 17 years old. I used to listen to a lot of metal and puck so it really grew on me when I was shown hardcore bands. My first official hardcore show was when I was 18 and could drive finally. To be honest it was scary and crazy but the raw emotion and energy captured me from that point onwards.

How do you feel the whole movement and your local hardcore/metal scene have changed over the years? What is the major difference between the older days and now?

Fundamentally hardcore and metal really hasn’t changed I think. It still retains the same feel and energy of old but back in the day I was a lot younger so there was many things that were viewed in a new way or for the first time. One thing that is awesome to see is the younger bands and kids that support Australian hardcore and metal. They are now booking shows, starting bands and running labels. It’s great that the younger generation is now flying the flag for Hardcore down under.

Could you tell us about some of the more interesting venues you played at and local independent music scenes you’ve visited in the last couple of years?

One interesting venue CK played last year was in Ulm Germany. It was an old strip club that was now a small venue. It had shag carpet walls, stripper polls and a funky lighting back drop on stage behind the band.

Rostock in Germany is another great place I love to visit and play. The people really love the bands that play there and CK has made many friends in the last few years of touring there. Locally the Bendigo hotel is where you will mainly see me at shows back in Australia. It’s unique and awesome in the front bar and has a great band room with amazing sound.

Alright, so thanks so much for the quick update. Feel free to tease some of your upcoming plans for the rest of the year and drop you final words! Cheers from Poland!

So far 2018 will be exciting with plans to return to Europe twice on the cards. We are looking at hopefully being booked for some summer festivals and more team ups with other internationals. Our third album SEA OF MISERY drops on the 23rd of March through DemonsRunAmok in Europe and 1054 Australia with pre orders already up for purchase.


Karol Kamiński

DIY rock music enthusiast and web-zine publisher from Warsaw, Poland. Supporting DIY ethics, local artists and promoting hardcore punk, rock, post rock and alternative music of all kinds via IDIOTEQ online channels.
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