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British hardcore crew THE FLEX return with new EP

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“Flexual Healing Vol. 7 Perhaps the War is over? Perhaps it’s Peace?”, the newest EP from Leeds hardcore crew THE FLEX has landed online via Quality Control label and Painkiller Records. The record contains 4 tracks taken from the forthcoming LP ‘Chewing Gum for the Ears’, to be released on Lockin’ Out and Static Shock Records in late 2018.

The Flex are BACK! UKHC’s equivalent to the Spice Girls, in terms of greatness and character, bring you their signature brand of catch fire riffs blending early 80s UK punk and late 80s NYHC. The new songs will feature on their upcoming LP, and this recording also includes a bonus Gut Instinct cover track, representing that NYHC flavour! Get ready for your ears to THUNDER!

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