SEDITIUS / ANTARES post-tour double interview

This tour video below should be banned by YouTube. Children, take it as a good example video proving that you shouldn’t drink alcohol because you can do a lot of harm to your body. Check out my interview with Noodles from SEDITIUS and Yuri from ANTARES, telling all about that crazy trek and reveling some insights on the tour and plans for the future.

Go here and here to check out my previous exclusive features released for SEDITIUS and scroll down for more rock’n’roll! :) Oh, they are still on tour – see the dates below and join their ride if you’re somewhere near.

Hey guys! What a nice, crazy tour video you’ve got there :) Tell me about the origins of the idea for this adventure.

Yuri: Good evening Dave, I hope your real name it’s Dave. No ideas, just goin’ out, have fun and enjoy the tour with our fellas, the only difference with past ANTARES & SEDITIUS tours was the camera rolling our nice adventures.

Noodles: Hey Karol, yes, I agree with Yuri. We just hit the road every time we have the chance. We both have been on tour several times, been in a lot of different states, this time we wanted to film it. There were a free seat in the van and we welcomed Nico aboard.

How long was the tour?

Yuri: Five or six days, I don’t remember.

Noodles: A week. 6 gigs, more than 3000 kms around Mittel and Eastern Europe.

How many places have you visited?

Yuri: Five or six places, I don’t remember.

Noodles: Trento (IT), Wien (A), Hajdúszoboszló (H), Kosice (SK), Kremsmünster (A), Seregno (IT).

What were some of your favourite spots to play?

Yuri: Kolosseum in Kosice was huge, Wien was cool as usual, Hajdúszoboszló was nice but the owner was a moron.

Noodles: Every night was insane. All the crew rocked, we had a lot of fun and drank too many beers.

What was the crowd like? Any particular audience that truly appreciated your performances and efforts?

Yuri: Vienna uber alles, but all the gigs were nice and people was in the mood to party with us.

Noodles: Hajdúszoboszló was really wild too.

Any outstanding memories along the way?

Yuri: On the last trip to Milan, everybody has taken off their shoes, that smell still impress me and makes me understand how special and amazing human body is.

Noodles: In Kremsmünster, after the show we found a pretty big hole in the wall and the caption “ANTARES/SEDITIUS euro tour 2013” aside. That was a great party too!

The video looks like one hell of a party! Do you think you grow out of goofin’ around? ;)

Yuri: I’m already old.

Noodles: I’ll never be old.

Have you had any problems with the van?

Yuri: Kickin’ out Diamond Dave on the 80’s was a truly shame.

Noodles: The widescreen wipers were on for two days and there was no way to turn em down. And man, when you have to drive more than 700km and it isn’t raining, could be really annoying.

How was the accommodation along the way?

Yuri: Don’t remember every single day , but i think quite good.

Noodles: We slept everywhere. Floor, sofas, beds, tables. Can’t remember who, but somebody one night was sleeping drunk, and on his feet at the toilet.

How was the food? And I mean FOOD, not the DRINKS! ;)

Yuri: Food was good, when no one makes pasta, it’s everything ok for me.

Noodles: Yeah, I can’t understand why, but every fuckin’ time they hear you’re Italian they cook you some “pasta”. The point is that nobody out of Italy can make a decent pasta, so fuck off this cliches and let’s eat some Goulash. We ate a lot of Goulash and it was damn good.

What were the people there like? I mean excluding the fans of music of course :)

Yuri: Normal human beings , one brain, two legs and two arms. one dick sometimes.

Noodles: Old people in Kosice sucked and tried to broke our rear-view mirror, but with the exception of that, everyone was nice. And most important, no cop checked our van, and that’s really unusual cause every time we are on the road, we have a “routine check”…. and it isn’t funny.

What are some of the things you miss about home when you are on the road?

Yuri: Italian food, and sometimes Italian food.

Noodles: Sleeping more than 4 hours per night. We always went to bed at least at 5am and woke up at 8 to load the van and drive. This is hard. Really hard. Makes you missing your bed.

Now when the adventure is over, how are you feeling about that?

Yuri: We’re starting another 20 days tour these days.

Noodles: Every time I got home I feel this thing named Post-Tour Blues. It is a really sad moment. Than I turn on my laptop and start booking another tour. That’s the only way to fight the Post-Tour-Blues.

Have you ever felt remorse after partying, doing sleazy things and getting doped and drunk? :)

Yuri: Of course, I’m a boy scout after all.

Noodles: Nah, maybe my head hurts and my belly is on fire, but no remorse. I’m not a goddamn boy scout :)

Alright. Now you can answer really long :) Shoot us a status on both bands, what your recording and touring plans are, etc. Have you managed to fulfil your plans for this year?

Yuri: ANTARES are alive and good looking for now. We got a new album to be released soon (in Italy by Rancore), we got two new tours from Oct to Dec 2013 , and probably we’ll plan another tour with our fellas for march 2014.

Noodles: SEDITIUS will be on the road again in Austria this Halloween, in France (still need some help!) this December and in Germany/Czech Republic/Austria again this January. We’re writing new songs as well.

What are your goals for 2014?

Yuri: Tour, new songs, new record.

Noodles: A brand new EP with this new line up (new bass player again… looks like our curse) and of course new tours as soon as we have holidays.

What’s up at Rancore Records’ offices?

Yuri: Well, the toilet paper still miss in the bathroom but the rest it’s pretty well. But the Gio boy (Noodles) knows more than me.

Noodles: Next ANTARES record will be a goddamn blast. Can’t wait to put it out!

Alright, fellas. I guess that’s about it. Thank you for your time! Feel free to add some extra thoughts and see you next time!

Yuri: Thanx for your questions! And eat a lot of vegetables.

Noodles: Yeah man, thanks for your time, hope to meet you soon, enjoy the video and take care!

ANTARES on tour:
Oct 26 FASTFEST Imola, Italy
Oct 27 BAR DA GIAU Torino, Italy
Oct 29 THUNDERBIRD + Los aargh St. Étienne, France
Oct 30 L’ESCALE Le Havre, France
Oct 31 MONK’S CAFè Lille, France
Nov 01 WILD ROVER Aachen, Germany
Nov 03 CROWBAR Groningen, Netherlands
Nov 05 TEATER MOMENTUM Odense, Denmark
Nov 06 UNDERWERKET Copenhagen, Denmark
Nov 07 HEMGARDEN Lund, Sweden
Nov 12 CHEMIEFABRIK Dresden, Germany
Nov 13 EXIL CLUB Usti Nad Labem, Czech Republic
Nov 14 JUZ CENTRUM Wunsiedel , Germany
Nov 15 BACH Wien, Austria
Nov 16 PIPER CLUB + Slang for drunk Pordenone, Italy
Nov 17 PUNKY REGGAE S.z.d.azzelini
Nov 2 – The Netherlands / Germany – help needed
Nov 4 – The Netherlands / Germany – help needed
Nov 8 – Sweden – help needed
Nov 10 – Denmark / Germany – help needed
Nov 11 – Germany – help needed

Oct 31 – Baobab, Nogara, Italy
Nov 01 – Das Bach, Wien, Austria
Nov 02 – Club WakuUm, Graz, Austria

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ANTARES Facebook
ANTARES Bandcamp

Rancore Records official website
Rancore Records Facebook
Rancore Records Bandcamp
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