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See milk and banana moshing and dancing 2-steps in the fridge in a new wicked video from Hamburg hardcore punks BITTTER

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Celebrating their recent debut LP “Sad Songs For Happy People”, Hamburg, Germany based hardcore punks BITTTER strike back with their new fun music video for the song “EXP”! The funny visualizer sees the band discovering something really strange in the fridge… See for yourself!


Well, it’s kind of like this:
Imagine you’re a half-empty soy milk
Trapped in the wrong fridge
Ten years past the expiration date to the day now
You keep wasting away
And whenever there’s a light
You know that door’s gonna close fast
Now you’re back in the dark
And a well-known cold starts dazing you again

Have you ever felt this way?
Have you ever felt this way?

Now this is going down
With all hope on the ground
So listen to this sound
And if you’re with me just frown
And for what it’s worth:
At least we’re not alone in that fucking fridge
Let’s try to get out of here together


Catch the band live at the following stops:

02.10.22 – Kiel – Sattva Hansa 48 w/ NOWAR
11.11.22 – Hamburg – St. Pauli Heimspiel 7:0 w/ Rantanplan & BZFOS
12.11.22 – Düsseldorf
10.12.22 – Zwiesel – Jugendcafé w/ Farewell Signs

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