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SELF DEFENSE FAMILY: Live, Raw, and Unforgettable – new live album coming up

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Capturing the dynamism and unique spirit of a live concert can be a difficult task. Nevertheless, the extraordinary Self Defense Family have undertaken this endeavor with their first-ever live album, “Law of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight“. This evocative collection of tracks, set to release on August 4th through Landland Colportage label, immerses us in the band’s signature performances from three landmark 2019 concerts in Brooklyn, Boston, and Philadelphia.

Transcending the limitations of a conventional album, “Law of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight” embodies a moment in time, crystallizing the singular aura that a nine-piece Self Defense Family lineup can bring to the stage. The tracks, meticulously mixed by Jon Markson, known for his work with Drug Church, Drain, Koyo, and One Step Closer, are a fusion of 11 of their expansive catalog, punctuated by a captivating rendition of Neil Young’s “On The Beach”. Notably, the album is also interspersed with the candid and heartfelt stage banter from the band’s iconic vocalist, Patrick Kindlon.

In celebration of the album’s announcement, the band has released the mesmerizing opener, “I’m Going Through Some Shit”. This track, a well-known single from their 2011 release, initiates the album’s journey, pulling the audience into the band’s enigmatic world.

“We thought it important to document that. Otherwise, nobody would believe we pulled it off.” – Patrick Kindlon

Self Defense Family by Jonathan Velazquez
Self Defense Family by Jonathan Velazquez

Self Defense Family’s journey has been anything but typical. Their narrative began in 2003 under the moniker End of a Year, which they later changed in 2010. The band, a vibrant assemblage of talent shepherded by Kindlon, oscillates between being an inventive collective and a deeply introspective solo project. It’s this unique dynamic that offers an intriguing layer of complexity to their music.

The new album, soon to be available as a limited edition double LP with compelling artwork from Mike Sutfin, serves as a quintessential record for Self Defense Family aficionados and a welcoming gateway for newcomers.

Self Defense Family

So, if you’ve been yearning for an intimate live experience, the “Law of Karma Live: Fake Shit Wins But Not Tonight” album might just be your ticket.

Self Defense Family

Mark your calendars for August 4th.


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