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SENSES FAIL – “The Three Marks of Existence” video

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Featuring footage from a couple of their Warped Tour 2015 appearances, the newest video from SENSES FAIL promotes the band’s new album “Pull The Thorns From Your Heart” that was released on June 30th through Pure Noise Records.


“How does the rose open its heart and give the world its beauty?”
It bathes in the light, the love of the sun encouraging its blooming
You be the ground where nothing is sown and plant the seeds of love to grow,
Cultivate the change you seek
Love is not a song sung by the weak
When in the trap of doubt, remember it’s a cloud
This to shall pass and fade, impermanence to pain
What is the body but a shadow of a shadow of our love, in which the whole universe resides
There is only wind in that well and there have always been keys in the cell
It takes compassion to confront your pain
It takes strength to be vulnerable enough to float on the rivers of shame
“Be ground, be crumbled, you’ve been stoney for too long”
“let wild flowers grow where you are”
let your heart burst, let it explode

Listen to the full album here:

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