Serbian post hardcore band MUERTO RICO interviewed (video)

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Featured on IDIOTEQ in 2014, Serbian hardcore punk band MUERTO RICO, good friends of crusty screamo act EAGLEHASLANDED, has just unveiled 2 (!) impressive EPs and were so kind to sit down with IDIOTEQ and answer a few question about their work, their own reasons for running this band and local punk scene. Watch out, because this gang is lots of fun! Taste their newest tracks below and scroll down to play the full video interview. It is worth staying till the end as I am pretty sure it will make you laugh :) Cheers buddies and thanks again and congratulation on your new quality, sensitively arranged, dark and emotional pieces!

Catch the band live tonight with EAGLEHASLANDED and BIRDS IN ROW in Zemun, Serbia!

Live photo by Daniela / Nocturne Magazine.

Questions asked:

1. Hello guys! Thanks a lot for doing this interview and being so brave to picking up the video format :) How are you?

2. It’s been a year since I posted your debut demo on IDIOTEQ. How have you been doing and how has the band developed since then?

3. Did you have a certain concept for your debut EP “Worst Coast”?

4. As songwriters and composers, where would you say you draw the most inspiration from when sitting down to work on new songs?

5. What is the inspiration behind the name “Worst Coast”?

6. Did you argue about the direction of this record and its conception with other members? How consensual are you guys?

7. Did doing this band, working on your records and playing shows together change the way that you approached seeing bands and their work?

8. Ok guys, so what are your next steps, both gig and recording wise?

9. Do you feel demand of hardcore punk gigs in your area? How thriving is Serbian punk environment these days?

10. Are there some specific undertakings, bands, labels and projects you’d like to promote here?

11. Very cool. Thanks so much for your time and see you next time!



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