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“She Walks, She Creeps” – noisy dark rockers from WTCHS streaming new record in full!

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Shortly after the recent track premiere, Canadian atmospheric dark noise rock act WTCHS is back with a full stream of their new impressive record “She Walks, She Creeps”, an effort that took over 2 years to complete. The band went through several line-up changes, added a 5th member, and scrapped a whole album. They then bunkered down to make a record with longer songs, more noise, more feedback and then even more noise. The album is out October 28th on Sonic Unyon Records and can be heard in its entirety below.

The band commented:

She Walks, She Creeps forced us to look inside ourselves, to push ourselves in a direction we had always envisioned but didn’t quite know how to execute in the beginning. As the band was slowly decomposing as well as our personal lives, it was the addition of new drummer Caleb Collins whom allowed us to create the record we had always wanted to make, something tangible that reflected all of the struggles and dreams within us. Recording this record become our therapy. We didn’t care about how long or when it was going to be finished. The urgency, the chaos amongst the songs are real. It was our anxieties, our demons that sit amongst the endless layers of frenzied guitars, using suitcases for drums at times, mellotrons, and a brass section to create something that was boiling on the surface. It’s like we were given a second chance, a much needed change to bring an ounce of peace to our aching, tortured souls.

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