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SHIROKUMA – “Sun Won’t Set” 12” premiere!

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I am super stoked to nring you this full stream of the new SHIROKUMA 12” called “Sun Won’t Set”! Dog Knights Productions has just launched pre-orders for this amazing release and I strongly encourage you to pick this one up, not only if you’re into epic screamo / post hardcore trips in the vein of the apocalypse!! :) Dive into it right now and scroll down to read an exclusive commentary from the band!


We’ve been playing together for a bit over a year now, and we’ve actually been working on the debut album “Sun won’t set” more or less since then.
The music is definitely mostly screamo/emo, but with lots of melody. I’ts hard for us to define it, and we’re not really interested in that either. We’re all influenced by different things since none of us listen to the same kind of genres. While on prefers indie, the other one is more into post and so on.

When recording “Sun won’t set”, we spent two weeks in the studio. It was a short and intense process but we think it turned out great, mostly because of our friend Dennis Bertilsson (Cedron) who helped us out with everything. The EP that we recorded a year age had a major DIY-feel to it, mainly because we did everything ourselves. The album is nothing like that, Dennis made a real effort to put perfection into even the smallest details.

We don’t really want to convey any kind of emotions with our songs. That’s like telling someone what is right to feel and what is not. We’d rather leave that up to our listeners. However, we do have some obvious sources of inspiration. The words for “To seek out my very own sun” is greatly influenced by the video game Dark Souls, but there are a few other examples as well.
The album is released via Dog Knights Productions, which we’re super happy about since a lot of our favorite bands have had their albums released by them. Next up for us is a tour in Europe with our friends in Via Fondo and we’re super excited about it!




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