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“Come As You Are”: BEARDOWN checks in

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I interviewed Siegen, Germany’s BEARDOWN in June last year. These guys did not get bored with the thing they do and released their debut EP in January. It’s called “57 Borderland” is a 100% DIY release.  They follow the path they started with their demo, put on their strengths and deliver 5 honest and straight up hardcore songs that range between metallic and old school side of the genre. Check out their latest tunes below and scroll to read my newest chat with BEARDOWN!


Hey guys! What’s up? Once again, thank you so much for a nice promo package. How have you been doing since we last talked?

Hi Karol, Where to start?! We’ve been doing good.

A lot of stuff happened; We played some crazy shows. Benny left us at the second guitar – since summer we are only four guys, but we recorded our new EP and since the release we experienced a lot of overwhelming feedback.
That’s the short version of the last year :)

Alright Sir. Let’s decompose piece by piece, just like you mentioned before we started this interview. Speaking of PIECE BY PIECE, have you seen their newest video?

Do you see a controversy there?

I just wouldn’t take their video too seriously. I got that EP and like it a lot. I watched that video once and it’s not the way I would do it but I don’t really mind about it. Within our band there are different opinions – you could argue about it or just leave it…

You know what? Let’s leave it! Haha :) There’s so much to update since our last conversation. You’ve just had your release show for the new EP. How was it?

Good point. The show was great! Since summer last year we as band are part of The Bro Code Commitment (you definitely should check out – Pissing in the mainstream, setting up shows & entertaining the kids!100% D.I.Y.! Hardcore/Metal/Punk mentality!!! 57′ state of mind!!! – they started with two of them years ago and we joined them. The last months we set up some really cool shows with NASTY, BLOOD BY DAYS, SAND (Japan), SECONDS OF PEACE, LOOK MY WAY, STILL ILL…).

For our release show we got good friends bands playing with us (STILL ILL, RIVALS, DROWNING IN PRECONCEPTION) and the promotion on facebook was overwhelming. We expected 70-80 people showing up. In the end we had a little over 150 people come around and hang out. They went crazy and the atmosphere was awesome. Also Adam from Roughneck Media and some other friends shot videos from that show. Adam is just cutting us a video from that material. Be prepared for that within the next weeks.

Nice! RM rules, I really appreciate what he does.

Comapring to your previous sessions, how was the recording process this time? Did you put any emphasis on something different this time?

Yeah right Adam is a good guy!
This time we still did the recordings at Schuppen Studio but also worked with Manuel from Parabol Audio (who recorded bands like EMBRACED BY HATRED, LOOK MY WAY, STILL ILL and many more). He gave some advice and did the Mixing/Mastering. I think that was a good combination, we are very satisfied with the result. Halma and Dennis did a great job at the studio and Manuel got a gift for creating an independent sound for each band he is working with!
Did you listen to it?

Yeah man! Tough as nails! I’m really glad you’ve put it out! But hey! You mentioned a split last time we talked. What happened to that idea?

Nice, thanks man. It’s not dead yet, still in our head. Two good friends bands also recorded their new stuff (also at Parabol Audio). We’re thinking about a split with six songs, so each band can take two songs of their newest release on it. I guess next time we’ll talk about that :D


Fair enough :) And how about touring? Do you have some bigger tours lined up for 2014 or are your families holding you back a bit?

Probably no bigger tours this year. But so far we got one weekend tour planned and are about to set up some more. We’re definitely thinking about a bigger tour for let’s say 7-10 days. It just didn’t work out so far.

What outstanding shows have you been to recently? Concert-wise, how vital is Siegen these days?

Hehe we just played a show in Wetzlar last weekend together with LOOK MY WAY (as you maybe heard they are only playing a few more shows) and with DROWNING IN PRECONCEPTION and also with the Polish Beer Thrash Metal band TESTER GIER. That was a fun night :)

For us is every show important and a chance to meet new people, get to know new places, bands, friends… But there was one show within the last months I won’t forget.

Our friends in SECONDS OF PEACE invited us to play with them at a birthday bash in Cologne. Once we arrived there we found out that place was an illegal trailer park without running water or power from the outlet. They literally lived in caravans and wooden sheds. They got the power from generators haha that was so weird to play there and so much fun at the same time!

How vital is Siegen these days? Siegen is alive! Since we came together as The Bro Code Commitment and put up some shows it was unbelievable to see how many people came out to hang out, have a good time and just support us and the scene. We got a lot of good feedback and people that want to help us.

We’re planning a one day festival in June. I really hope that this is running as good as the last shows that we can redo it next year!

Nice one! How are you involved in it?

Okay two guys (Moe & Simon) started to set up shows years ago. Last year they did a show we also played with BEARDOWN. Hanging out that night we talked about getting more started for the kids and the scene around Siegen. Now it’s all of us in BEARDOWN, Tobi from DIP and still Moe (BLOOD BY DAYS) and Simon.

It’s not really split into different departments or strict distribution of tasks. It’s more that we meet every once in a while and talk about bands that are on tour, bands that we want to support to get more shows and a bigger fan base. Everybody is involved, contacting bands, booking agencies, organizing food, drinks for the shows or whatever is needed.

It’s very comfortable the way we do it. We are seven guys – so it’s not everything depending on one single guy – and we also get a lot of help by friends.


Is it exactly what punk is supposed to be? After having gone through some experience “in the scene”, how would you define hardcore today? What does it mean for you guys?

What’s punk supposed to be? What’s hardcore today? To be honest I can’t tell you. Many are complaining about the old times and that hardcore is not true anymore or stuff like that.
I think we got a lot of great bands (bands that are playing for years, new bands that just got started, a lot of young but powerful bands). If I think about the past year how many new bands I’ve seen that played their ass off! So many people trying to get something started (booking shows, writing articles for fanzines, put up a distro or label for DIY releases, …). That’s simply the way it should be! It’s awesome to see how strong the support is among each other! I guess that’s what it’s about.
It’s important to have your own opinion and belief and stand for it. But I get pissed when I see all that internet arguing and quarreling. It seems like people got no life besides sitting at home in front of their computer and commenting every shit on facebook and so on without any dignity of man. People lose their faces, showing no respect, feeling strong with the keyboard as a weapon.
Instead of wasting your time doing that bullshit go outside and get some life experience. Our planet is so big, there’s so much you can do – that’s it what makes a life worth living and not hours and hours of writing simply crap without any sense, because it won’t change anything!

True. What are some of the top experiences that you want to have this year? What are you looking forward to in 2014?

We already had some great shows this year and definetily want to play more shows! Next week we’ll play our first festival. We are also planning on a couple of weekend tours, we already got one confirmed in October/November. We are gonna play with STILL ILL, ABLAZE and BLOOD BY DAYZ at the OLOC and the day after in Siegen our hometown. This is going to be a mad weekend – I’m really stoked for that one! Go for a tour for more than just a weekend didn’t work out so far. We’re thinking about it for the end of this year or early 2015.

Besides that we just started writing new songs! Even though we’re playing for years already I just realized that we are still in a progress and modifying our sound. I’m psyched for our new material. So either we’ll go for a longplayer or a split – hopefully within 2014 – let’s see :)

Ok Simon. Are there any other issues you would like to raise regarding the band? Feel free to add anything you like.

Okay our last words: We are some guys playing the music we like! Check us out and share if you like it too. Support your locals and especially the small bands! We do what we do because we love that kind of music and the way of demonstration – expression of our opinion.
One last thing, even though I think hardcore is tolerant but true scene there are still enough douchebags that try to tell you what to listen to, what to think, wear, eat or whatever…
Be yourself and come as you are. You don’ have to listen to the same bands your best friend lietens to. And you don’t need to wave every flag they try to put in your hands!
There’s nothing more boring than the hype :).
And don’t forget to live your life and have fun.

BEARDOWN official website
BEARDOWN Soundcloud
BEARDOWN Stereokiller


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