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Shoegazin’ punks SAAT comment on their well-textured gritty debut

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Shoegaze is one of those genres, whose boundaries won’t be well precised. The style’s aesthetics have expanded from its initial soft & noisy / haunting and beautiful model to modern gybrids, in qhich bands from many different scenes experimented with it and blended with their own niche influences. Our today’s guests from Yekaterinburg, Russia called SAAT play a mixture of shoegaze, emo, and 90s moody post hardcore and their debut 2-tracker feels like a really fresh take on some familiar sounds. We asked them to drop us a couple of lines about both aurally beautiful songs and here’s what we’ve got.


Raindrops is a song about people’s reluctance to hear each other. Think about how often we defend our point view, forgetting about important things. We try so hard to close our ears with hands to stay in the zone of own comfort. In an attempt to defend our position, we are often guided by emotions. Abuse, insults, tears are those falling raindrops. As a result, we have two sides, which are exhausted by controversy. They both “don’t know how” to “break the wall” . This fight for the “truth” is meaningless, if it hurts a person you care about. It doesn’t mean we have to give up, no! It means that we shouldn’t fight with close people: we have to search for compromise.


Raindrops are
Fallin’ in my arms
Fallin’ on my lips
I try to
Say your name out loud
Say something at all
I don’t know how
Can I break the walls.


This song is about naked emotions. Sometimes you feel that something goes wrong and you just can’t do anything with it. And then you realize that you don’t control the situation anymore. Moreover, you feel lost and there’s no need to wait for support. And actually, you understand that it is only your way, you have to cope with difficulties without any help. And everything seems so fragile. But you know, that there is still hope, that there is something that never let you give up. And they will not win.


Rolling, rolling
Now I’m falling
They betrayed me and enjoyed the taste of my tears.
I’m standing on knees…
This battle was lost but they will not win.

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