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Shoegazin’ rockers RIDGEWAY premiere “Winding”, share top alternative albums of the year

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Imbued with a distinct shoegaze charm, Ridgeway has been carving their niche in the music scene with a succession of noteworthy releases. Now, they’re set to offer us a fresh sonic treat with the track ‘Winding‘. The single is an exploration into their evolving sound, produced and mixed by Corey Coffman of Gleemer fame.

‘Winding’ echoes their previous full-length album, ‘Marlo‘, released in 2021, but carries an evolved essence, a clearer vision of what Ridgeway is becoming. Also, this May brings a fresh opportunity for the band to connect with their fans. They’ll be hitting the road on a West US tour, supporting Taking Meds, and will perform at the iconic Anaheim House of Blues, followed by a release show at Downtown LA’s Peppermint Club.

In collaboration with Neon Bloodbath Records, ‘Winding’ is available today, and to celebrate, we have teamed up with the band to give you their top records of the years so far. Check out the ful list below.

Taking helm behind the production, recording, and mixing of this new single is Corey Coffman, best known for his work with Gleemer. Coffman’s skilled touch, already evident in Ridgeway’s previous releases, weaves a polished thread through “Winding,” intertwining it seamlessly with the band’s signature sonic texture.


Best records of the year (so far), by Ridgeway

Wednesday – Rat Saw God

Wednesday blew me away with the last album Twin Plagues. I was honestly afraid they wouldn’t deliver something as killer for LP2 but they for sure delivered. The way this band balances gentle twang and chaotic shoegaze is mesmerizing to me. Wednesday, great band, fun for the whole family.

Heavenward – Gasoline

I met Kamtin about 2 years ago now and have just become better and better friends ever since. He loves the good stuff. Heavy American shoegaze and that late 90’s brit pop/alternative rock. His music is a perfect mix of that. New single Gasoline just served it up once again and has me super excited for the upcoming LP.

Double Wish – Light Split Sparkle

I met Adam from this band last year. He was a local and we became good buds! This EP blew my mind. Honestly it’s such a perfect embodiment of that early 2000’s indie pop with some 90’s flare in the vein of Third Eye Blind and New Radicals. The band just keeps getting better and is currently killing it with their live shows.

Suzie True – Keep In Touch

This band hit my radar last year and instantly I was a fan. Everything about it. Punky poppy tunes with a touch of heartbreak and sass. Love the vibe and love the tweets. Highly looking foreword to the upcoming album.

Bleary Eyed – Bleary Eyed

Got put onto this band from my hood friend Jade. She told me the Melodie’s were killer. She’s right, they are killer… and I’m a sucker for good melodies. This band also brings a total digitally fried shoegaze to the surface and it was definitely something fresh I hadn’t heard before. I think this band is full of young members which gives me hope for the future of good tunes.

Crushed – extra life

Another EP Jade pushed onto me. This band is obviously star studded with the 2 members being in bands such as Soft Kill, Temple of Angels, and Weekend. The Melodies got me. The drum machines mixed with the dream pop guitars and vocals just add up to a masterpiece of an EP. I look foreword to more from this group.

Major Pain – Promo 2023

If you’re from Southern California you know this band. They are the most promising young band in hardcore coming up rn. They’ve only been a band about a year and are packing out the shows they play with people ready to two step and swing arms for the entirety of the set. These two tracks just go to show how much potential this band has to grow. Music of this quality in this genre within a year of being an active band is rare. Major Pain is next up for best so cal hardcore band running.

MSPAINT- Post-American

I liked MSPAINT before. But low key thought they might be that band that only has one or two tracks if you know what I mean. Wow was I wrong. This latest album busted down the walls with power and is filled with catchy hooks. I never knew I needed a synth based hardcore punk band to show me what the hell is up but damn did it do just that. From start to finish this album rips through ups and downs with percussive vocals that I haven’t heard ever before within the genre. Hope to catch this group live ASAP.

Roseville – Deadfall

Proud of my friend Jake for putting his whole heart into an album like this. It’s heartbreaking and it’s beautiful, but it’s also very cool. Jake has a very gentle voice and utilizes it to its full capability on this record. Such good moments of Melodies that will stick in your head all week. Some of these tracks are so vulnerable I just have to sit back and admire the writing put down by my friend Jake. Loved it.

Gel – Only Constant

Holy moly, this album blew me off my feet. From start to finish, the energy here is unmatched in todays scene I feel. It’s so classic but so fresh with some of the most face melting guitar riffs paired with pumping drums that be running through your veins. Vocals are throat shattering and fierce in a way I haven’t really heard paired with this type of pumping heavy music lately. Hardcore for the Freaks. Cannot wait to catch this band live.

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