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Lachlan, on behalf of Siberian Hell Sounds
SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS and CONVULSING – two of Australia’s finest in extreme music – come together for a split LP on Art As Catharsis.

‘The Breath Of The Beast’ marks the moment when Siberian Hell Sounds transcended the sum of its parts, and emerged as a hypnotically heavy drone machine – more a cataclysmic force majeure than music.

Sounding like the bastard child of elusive French powerhouses Deathspell Omega, the almighty Polish Kriegsmaschine and the cabal of nationless demons known as Hexis, Siberian Hell Sounds draw influence from clandestine corners of extreme music while never adhering to the tropes of any particular subgenre.

Listen below and GO HERE to see our 2014 interview with SIBERIAN HELL SOUNDS!

Convulsing’s ‘Engraved On Bleached Bone’ exists as a bridge between two selves: between despondency and turmoil of the past, and the uncertainty of the present. It is a knife at the throat of a now-defeated enemy. A bloodied howl of contempt.

As the project of Brendan Sloan (Dumbsaint), Convulsing’s 2016 debut ‘Errata’ made it’s mark with an expansive combination of angular death metal, razor raw black metal, ambient menace and transcendent drone, drawing from names like Ulcerate, Dysrhythmia and Krallice.

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