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Silber Records goes even more experimental with its new exciting set of drone post punk shoegazin’ releases!

Silber Records has released a new edition of their webzine QRD with some more entries in their fathers interviews, as well as some interviews with guitarists, touring musicians, & cartoonists. Check it out here and be sure to take a listen to all of the following records, serving truly original, albeit emerging uncannily familiar type of sounds. Repeated plays are a necessity here. Start now!


RIYL: Charles Ives, This Mortal Coil, 60s musique concrete, Clock DVA, Brian Eno, Harry Partch, Gavin Bryars
File Under: Experimental Pop
Two artists living a couple thousand miles away from each other who’ve never met in person with very different approaches to music meet through a release on Silber (LD’s 5in5 from last year – The Just-World Phenomenon) & end up working on a release on Silber. Pushing each other out of their comfort zones to make something neither would do alone. Electronics & chaos from Bronze Eye & crafted poetic lyrical precision from LD. A soundtrack to a dream where two worlds collide like a medieval minstrel busking on a space station.


RIYL: Christian Death, Cabaret Voltaire, Germs, Wire
File Under: Post Punk, Proto Goth, Punk, Darkwave
Five songs in five minutes of post punk proto goth from M is We.


RIYL: Laurie Anderson, Mazzy Star, Wades, The Kills, Siouxsie & the Banshees
File Under: Dreamy fuzzy smart & lyrical post-punk
The 5in5 series is back & launching this batch (I think there are about ten coming out in the next few weeks) is Anda Volley. I’m kinda surprised I never ran into Anda before as she lived in NC back in the 1990s, but I’m glad to have run into her now. The music on Paper Moon is in the vein of some of the 1980s avant pop stuff like Laurie Anderson or Siouxsie and the Banshees. If it sounds interesting, it only takes 5 minutes to listen, so check it out.


RIYL: Air Formation, The Twilight Sad, The Cure, Arab Strap, Windy & Carl, Aarktica
File Under: Drone Pop, Post Punk, Post Rock
Siberian artist Thorn1 continues with an album of drone pop & minimalist post rock in a style all his own.


RIYL: XX, Flying Saucer Attack, Orange Cake Mix, Ultra Vivid Scene, Dif Juz, Fripp/Eno
File Under: Shoegaze, Surfgaze
A Year Without Words is the recorded debut of Treyverb & the music speaks without words, communicating things too difficult to be spoken from a year of emotional turmoil resulting in solace & serenity.


RIYL: John Carpenter, Evangelis, Forbidden Planet, vintage synthesizers
File Under: Sci-Fi Soundtracks, Self-Generated Music
Chvad SB designed & built a self-playing computer free synthesizer. The next generation of musicians is human free.


RIYL: Stars of the Lid, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Aarktica, If Thousands, Flying Saucer Attack
File Under: Post Rock, Guitar Walls, Drone Ambient
We’ve been working with Yellow6 a lot over the past couple of years & I wish we’d been working with him longer. The new micro-EP/single springsun is recordings from a couple months ago of loop driven ambient guitar drone. Great stuff worth checking out.

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