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SILENT PLANET share new video for “:Signal:”

California metal band SILENT PLANET have shared the video for the brand new song “:Signal:” and it’s the first taste of new music since 2020’s full-length release Iridescent.

The band, known for a unique fusion of story-telling lyrics and modern metal and cinematic soundscapes, has shared the visualizer.

“This is the first chapter in a story of one particular transformation… and the ‘impossible’ events that followed initial contact,” the band cryptically states. “Whether we interpret these matters as fact or fiction is irrelevant, because we have become many things, but we’ve yet to be alone. ‘Many become one.'”

Stay tuned for more from Silent Planet.

SILENT PLANET is: Garrett Russell — Vocals, Thomas Freckleton — Bass, Mitchell Stark — Guitar, Alex Camarena — Drums


The mirror unwinds: Twin archetypes collide.
I am reborn, proliferated by a self-replicating passenger: Ghost.

Dormant dimensions grafted to my senses. Infected with fractals, a spore in my skin;
a sequence of consciousness begging to begin again.
I can finally see the duality of everything: A silent abyss implicit in reality.
We’re hanging by a thinning thread, waiting for the earth to turn.

As my mind is shattering and the reasons to stay abandon me,
I’ll survive one death at a time… there is nowhere left to fall.
Broken visions of a future where we tear the curtain down.

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