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SILVERSTEIN – “Face Of The Earth” video

The track comes from the band’s new album “I Am Alive In Everything I Touch”, to be released on May 19th via Rise Records. The band released the first video promoting the new outing back in January – go here to watch it.


They take our pictures as Angels and Kings.
We’re all pretending we’re someone.
One percenters or stars to be, jewels of the Midwest.
It’s always taken the best of me,
Locked it away and broke the key to this house of stairs and misery at the bottom displaced me.
Fake and make no hesitation.
Secretly hoping this will be the last time.
Break, despise our desperation.
Secretly wishing we fell off the face of the earth.
The ice is running through my veins.
I can’t feel a thing.
Emotionless as I bring you down with me.
We both take advantage.
In my dreams, brakes are failing as I’m losing all my teeth.
I can’t breathe, fingers stretching out and pointing at me.
In my dreams, I’m falling even faster, dying in my sleep.

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