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Sincirety Fest 2012 videos

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Sincirety Fest 2012 took place at Springdale VFD in Philadelphia on November 10th, 2012. The fest introduced a new generation of kids into a world mostly forgotten by today’s hardcore scene. Check out some of the videos shot during the gig below.


The official crew issued the following statement after the fest:

Thanks to everyone involved in setting this up and running it. Big shout out to Backstage Guitars for lending us that killer PA FOR FREE for the day. The fest essentially couldn’t have happened without that support. Thanks to everyone who was open minded enough to maybe try some food you hadn’t in the past. Thanks to everyone who helped to ensure there were no issues of violence or intoxication. Thanks to all the bands who played for free for your entertainment. Special thanks to everyone who stayed and helped tear down afterwards. You were all over 25 or so, it seemed … time for the younger kids to step up and volunteer a bit next year.

Fest was a success. Same number of people as last year but people stayed for almost the whole day and it made a huge difference in the room. Thanks again!

Here’s the official press release issued before the fest:

With Sincerity Fest entering its sixth year, the concept and ethics remain the same. We strive to introduce a new generation of kids into a world mostly forgotten by today’s hardcore scene.

It’s not every day that you can encounter a sense of community in a firehall. It’s even moreso rare to find bands conveying ideas and emotions in the year 2012. Sincerity Fest strives to rekindle the spirit of hardcore past within a younger generation who is well represented in the line-up and crowd themselves.

Typically taking place in the summer, this year’s fest was moved to Saturday, November 10th in order to facilitate the album release show for Pittsburgh natives Code Orange Kids’ debut album, “Love Is Love // Return To Dust” on Deathwish Inc. After the initial announcement of the fest, the addition of the tour featuring Trial and Hollow Earth was announced. Not to be outdone, the fest is supported by the best independent bands in the region. The line-up is as follows:

Code Orange Kids
Hollow Earth
Steel Nation
Full Of Hell
Unit 731
Complete Failure
Pity Sex
Wrong Answer
We The Gathered
Another Mistake
Steel City Firm
Pray For Teeth
No Reason To Live

As always, the fest is free of charge and is sponsored by Drusky Entertainment and Backstage Guitars. A fully vegan menu is also provided at minimal cost. Music starts at noon sharp at the Springdale VFD at 845 Lincoln Ave Springdale, PA 15144. More information can be found at and/or







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