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Slovenian metallic hardcore band REACH AD premiere hard hitting video for their punchy new single “Cruel World”

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‘Cruel World’ marks the first ripping banger from the upcoming debut EP from Slovenian metallic hardcore band REACH A.D.. Dubbed ‘Oath of Defiance’ comes as their ffth release, but their first as a rebranded crew. Being probably the best representation of the direction in which Reach A.D. have been moving since the last release, “Cruel World” features razor-sharp guitars alternating between 90s metallic hardcore and modern heavy chugs, drums advancing from short burst of fury to aggressive stomps, and a nasty filthy bass tying it all together.

“Lyrically, the track delves into a dark territory the band has not explored before – a cold, pessimistic look at the state of the world we live in.” – comments vocalist Matic Medja.

“No romanticism, no wishful thoughts, only the ruins of this post-capitalist hellscape we have found ourselves in. The track is rounded out by a brilliant guest appearance by Barnabas Kokai from Budapest’s The Southern Oracle spitting bile over perhaps the single heaviest mosh part the band has done to date.”

The song was recorded by Matic Medja, mixed & mastered by Sava Tomić.

REACH AD, by Matic Kutin

Founded back in 20217, REACH AD are a Slovenian band fueled by a mixture of modern hardcore with metal influences (think Incendiary, Terror, Trail Of Lies, Sunami,…). The band spent a fair amount of time touring and performing alongside bands such as Terror, Backtrack, Bold, Deez Nuts, Within Destruction, Risk It, Absolve, Vlada Ina, and more.

“Cruel World” lyrics:

Head in the sand or swallowing lies
Either way you’re living with closed eyes
What will you do when the bubbles burst
Realizing our existence has been cursed

Yet you still ignore the truth
While others live in pain

It’s a cruel, cruel world
Cruel fucking world

See the world for what it is

Lift the veil of ignorance
Open your eyes to suffering

See the world for what it is

Sow hatred, inspire terror
Drinking poison and hoping your enemy dies
Beyond the shadow of a fucking doubt
We’re doomed, there’s nowhere to hide

Pretend it don’t exist, you’re the next on their list
Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide – end of the line

A gun to your head, a boot on your neck
They don’t give a shit if you’re fucking dead

REACH AD, by Matic Kutin
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