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Sludgy, moody rock of archreverend meets contemporary dance in the new video for “In These Times”

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archreverend is a heavy rock solo project of Radek SΕ‚awuta – a core member of bands AveCaesar and Legalize Crime. archreverend came to life as a crystallization of almost 15 years of underground band activity; a homage to ideas piling in subconsciousness, awaiting the break of slumber. Currently in it’s lightest incantation, archreverend’s music is heading toward ultimate doom and sludge along with everything that molded with those genres. Today, we’re pleased to unveil the debut single from archreverend dubbed “In These Times“, along with the official music video featuring contemporary dance performed by Zuzanna Nir, and archreverend’s thoughts on 2020, as well as his list of best records of the year.

archreverend nests influences ranging from all contemporary metal giants to underground individuals from math/post/shoegaze scenes around the world. Exploring gloomy chords, songs evoke moody and sleepy feel of dark americana. The ultimate scope of tone comes from a clean baritone guitar overdriven by a cranked tube amp, dipped in reverb and delay.

In These Times” is one of two singles that will hit the surface; the second one in the first half of January 2021. It’s a prologue to a longplay being made with completely new material scheduled for 1st quarter of 2021.

Debut single “In These Times” is a love letter to True Widow which has been a huge influence for archreverend; also a goodbye letter to cleansing 2020 that encouraged the embodiment of the project. Video features a one-take contemporary dance performed to the song by Zuzanna Nir.

‡︎  Scroll down to see archreverend’s TOP 10 2020 releases that influenced his work this year and serve as one of the greatest offerings to look into this year.


In These Times – now or never

Thoughts on the creative process behind “In These Times”, by archreverend

“The thought of embodying my songs was present ever since I first stepped into a rehearsal room. While being in bands, I always tried to engage or leave an influence when appropriate. 2020 was the time when I realized that I may be ready to go solo, but the fact that I was mostly living in lockdown didn’t actually contribute to forming archreverend.

I was very lucky this year. Vision of the world on the edge pushed me into living my life the best I could. Many people were doing the same although I didn’t know their motivation. I felt infected by Anyway, I’ve been touched by how everyone is working hard to thrive and survive any impediments that 2020 had in its sleeve.

I needed a battery to drive me through this year so I picked up a guitar after a few years of departure and dedicated myself to carve any daydream riff I had; record or write it somehow. It was this basic commitment that at some point led to creation of my singles and set of songs that would form a full length album.

I was singing to my phone, running to pick a guitar moments after I dreamt about a melody, put together a home rig and a workflow that allowed me to get ideas to sound like songs as fast as possible. It sounds like a songwriter routine but – dedicating to my own ideas took a devil’s share in a hard time.

When I was finally tracking the first two songs in my guerilla studio, after I finished working alone, I heard nothing but dead silence. It struck me that I am doing this mostly for myself; pure motivation. Going solo may seem like a great idea for a time when music mostly lives in private spaces but that also means that you’ve put a great deal of your time and effort to digital vasts. You won’t get the chance to interact with a live band even on a small underground gig nor you won’t see people reacting to your performance (good or bad).

This only boosted my will to cooperate. I thought about working with other artists and sharing some of the production. I’ve found Zuzanna on YT and asked her to feature in my first single video. I was glad to find that she’s excited to engage and with some mist of unspoken common understanding we shoot the performance relatively easily. I also was very excited to ask for mastering of my track by Satanic Audio – a well respected engineer. It was great to hear a different shot on what I have done and I think it contributes to my vision.

There is nothing more cheesy than ending a a write-up with a quote, especially your own, but I think it corresponds well with what everyone was struggling during that time; finding more and more reasons to go on.

𝐼𝑛 π‘‘β„Žπ‘’π‘ π‘’ π‘‘π‘–π‘šπ‘’π‘ , π‘€β„Žπ‘’π‘› π‘€π‘œπ‘Ÿπ‘™π‘‘π‘  π‘π‘œπ‘™π‘™π‘–π‘‘π‘’, 𝐼 π‘“π‘–π‘›π‘Žπ‘™π‘™π‘¦ 𝑓𝑒𝑒𝑙 – 𝑖𝑑 π‘šπ‘Žπ‘˜π‘’π‘  π‘šπ‘’ π‘€π‘Žπ‘›π‘›π‘Ž π‘“π‘–π‘”β„Žπ‘‘ π‘“π‘œπ‘Ÿ π‘π‘’π‘‘π‘‘π‘’π‘Ÿ π‘‘π‘Žπ‘¦π‘ 

That’s really it, and you can name the feeling on your own.”


TOP 10 2020 releases that influenced archreverend this year:

“Due to forming archreverend, I was revoking many old records and going through my all time favorites to put me in the creative mood.” – comments Radek, the brain and multi-instrumentalist behind archreverend. “Surprisingly, 2020 releases did leave a mark and managed to split into writing.”

Four Stroke Baron – Monoqueen Split EP

Very innovative album in terms of songwriting in a bingy-djent genre. Exceptional vocals, pro drumming and phrases that you would not even know are catchy.

Pallbearer – Forgotten Days

21st century doom metal at it’s finest! The tone and feel of this album is very calming. It feels like homecoming. Pallbearer did break some ground in their walking-riffs style.

Sumac – May You Be Held / Sumac – Two Beasts

Ultimate metal bulldozer that breaks every boundary set by their previous releases. Heavy but surprisingly good for contemplation.

Old Man Gloom – Seminar IX: Darkness of Being

Very wild release that encourages experimentation within caveman riffs. Love the concept album approach.

King Krule – Man Alive!

I think that every spiritually gifted musician wanted to be a King Krule at some point. Not much more out of the usual Krule way but still – one of those albums that are expected to sound not so different from the root sound of an artist.

The Dog – Avenge Us

Absolute banger and a dastardly good shift from what the band has been doing. I adore the guitar tone and modulation effects on this album. Raw force and strong lyrics.

Orville Peck – Show Pony

Overall very inspiring as a figure but most of all I love him for that deep voice manner.

PrΔ…d/AveCaesar – Split

PrΔ…d and me have a long lasting cooperation. I always felt inspired by their spacious sound and motoric drumming. Working together on this record broadened my horizons and approach as a multi-instrumentalist.

Bright Brown – Too Wide to See

Last but not the least, an artist that has been a huge influence for many years. Alex Nahas is a master of Chapman stick and an undestroyable artist with very distinctive songwriting. Getting almost no recognition in past years, he still releases top tier melodies filled with vulnerability and sincerity.

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