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“Small Talk” – Brighton wild hardcore act HOWLS premiere new song; new record coming in late April!

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‘The Headache’ is the sound of a band challenging itself to evolve; eager to take a step away from familiar surroundings in order to create something true to their influences whilst also embracing more experimental and melodic sounds. The new EP from Brighton frenzy hardcore act HOWLS marks their first material since 2015 EP, ‘No Living’, which was released on the now defunct Wolf At Your Door Records (LOWER THAN ATLANTIC, DEAF HAVANA). Since the release of ‘No Living’, HOWLS have played up and down the UK, sharing stages with the likes of BASTIONS, PALM READER, and EMPLOYED TO SERVE, and now they’re ready to spread their wings. Their debut full length ‘The Headache’ was recorded by Wayne Adams at Bear Bites Horse Studios (PALEHORSE, YARDS, USA NAILS) during the summer of 2016 and will be out on April 28th via Truthseeker Music and Smithsfoodgroup DIY! We have teamed up with both labels and the band to give you an exclusive listen of the amazing new track “Small Talk”! Bristling with well-measured tension, the track feels very much as if HOWLS follow a clear trajectory, taking less predictable detours, but maintaining a great sense of melody. Listen below and stay tuned for a full album stream soon!

The band will be a part of this year’s Washed Out Festival on April 15th in Brighton and STEVEFEST on April 30th with PALM READER, EMPLOYED TO SERVE and more!

Cover artwork by Mercedes Bellido. band photo by Doug Elliott.

Sam Barnes of HOWLS commented on both the new record and the track:

The Headache’ has been a long time in the making for us so it is really exciting to finally be putting it out there. The last time we released something new was back in 2015, so hopefully this shows how we have grown since then. Even though the album is its own thing, it brings together a lot of ideas that we have had kicking around for years now so it feels good to finalize those and lay the foundations for what’s to come next.

Small Talk’ was an important song for us when we were writing ‘The Headache’. It made us realize that we didn’t have to stick to one particular style or appeal to a certain audience; if we wanted to write a straight up song with a simple structure and a catchy chorus then that was OK. It encouraged us step out of our comfort zone, try something new and venture down unknown paths on the rest of the album.


HOWLS – “Small Talk” track premiere:

Maartje from SmithsFoodGroup DIY shared his thoughts on the band:

Howls is one of the bands that has been following our pages on social media for a while, we had just never checked them out ourselves. I recognized their name when they emailed us the LP and I’m still insanely glad I checked it out, because they blew me away from the first listen. I reckon we’ll have our work cut out for us with making people on our side of the North Sea listen to a band they likely haven’t had a chance to get familiar with first, but there’s no doubt in my mind that they’ll instantly fall in love with this release just like I did. Very excited about the album, accompanying artwork and working more with Truthseeker too.”

Alex from Truthseeker Music rightly concluded:

“Anyone who has ever seen Howls play live is already well aware that they are amongst the most explosive and exciting bands that the UK Hardcore scene has to offer. Just one listen to ‘The Headache’ and you too will realise that Howls are fucking sick. DEAL WITH IT.” 

“Small Talk” Lyrics:

Vacated hospital bed
i never saw a thing
i know you’ve got your devils
i never let them in

lately i’ve not been concerned
with wrong or right
and if there’s a god up there
god knows he better save me twice

don’t come back

if the truth still hurts
pushing it down
is going to make it worse
when it comes around
it’s been too long
something about it
still feels so wrong

settle down it’s in your head
that’s what they say
when the devil’s on each shoulder
every single day

i know you’ll never forget it
come back and you’ll
only regret it
everybody is so vulnerable
in the face of a dead end future

if the truth still hurts
pushing it down
is going to make it worse
when it comes around
it’s been too long
something about it
still feels so wrong

everybody is so vulnerable
i can see it

HOWLS revealed another new track “Guilt Trip” back in February. The song was released for Truthseeker’s sampler “The First Two Years”, shared on IDIOTEQ at this location.

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