SNAKEWAY’s “Vortex Of Time” coming soon!

Aaahghhhh, this one is a killer! You’ve got a new song from SNAKEWAY‘s upcoming 10″ ‘Vortex of Time’ up on Think Fast Records‘ YouTube channel. Don’t sleep on this! Click here to check it out. This thrashy metallic hardcore tune will get you moving. Go!

Here’s the official word from the label:

We’ll be announcing the release date and pre-orders very shortly, so stay tuned to our websiteFacebook, andTwitter.

In case you missed it earlier this year, SnakeWay’s debut/digital EP ‘Year of the Snake’ is available now on iTunes! You can also stream it for free via Bandcamp

Formed barely a year ago, San Antonio’s SnakeWay has wasted little time charging forward with their brand of metallic hardcore. Easily comparable to their metal-influenced counterparts, the band destroys the trend of becoming as accessible and poppy as possible; creating a brand of hardcore that is as ugly, dark, and in your face as bands like Power Trip, Ringworm, and even 90’s staples like Unbroken.

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