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“Snowblind” – metalcore pack AWAKE THE MUTES premiere new video!

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You may feel that it’s too late to become a fan of groovy, nu-metal and hip-hop inspired heavy metalcore and you’re probably quite skeptical of its excellence and inventiveness, but there’s nothing more deceiving. Germany’s AWAKE THE MUTES prove that kind of pounding, yet groovy metalcore doesn’t have to boring. We have teamed up with them to give you their newest music video “Snowblind”, the title track of their new EP, slated for a CD/Digital release on March 17th via Bastardized Recordings. Crank it up!

Snowblind is the fifth EP of German band AWAKE THE MUTES and continues the noticable departure of earlier releases from the classic metalcore sound of the band’s debut EP towards a darker, rhythm-heavy and New Metal-influenced sound. The most adventurous release to date delivers everything from the straight opener to more complex and dynamic songs for the most diverse listening experience in band history.

Lyrically the EP deals with guilt, obsession, fragile arrogance, self-doubt, conscioussness and fatalism; screamed, whispered, rapped or sung. The seven tracks serve as a logical conclusion of the established sound of earlier releases while offering an outlook for the band’s musical future.


The band commented on both the record and its title track:

Snowblind” is our fifth EP in six years, and the first to be released on Bastardized Records.

Lyrically the songs deal with obsession, feelings of guilt, arrogance, doubt and fatalism, while being told out of the perspective of your consciousness.

The title track tells the story of a sudden realization of remorse, of how thoughts of guilt linger in your mind and terrorize you without a chance of avoiding them.


I am dwelling within
I am the reason for your lack of focus

A nervous shiver running down your spine
I’m lways creeping in the back of your mind
You’re compromised

I am dwelling within
Everything before me is obsolete
Everything after me bears my mark

You thought I forgot about us?
You know I know that you fold under pressure
I know that you feel my presence
You know that I am both willing and able to break you

Always creeping in the back of your mind
You’re compromised

Now for the first time in your life your paranoia’s justified
Because I know where you live, there is nowhere to hide
And I know you might be frightened by this, while I’m excited
I won’t cease to exist, you know I’m prone to being violent

I will break you

I’m inside your head
I am inside your head

Hungry for more? Watch “Belltower”, the band’s previous video, released in support of the new record:

More about the band:

AWAKE THE MUTES is a German metalcore band consisting of five musicians from Mainz/Frankfurt. Since the band’s start in 2006 their sound has developed gradually by taking cues from and being influenced by each members individual attitude and taste in music.

AWAKE THE MUTES established their own unique niche and a groove-heavy sound that takes its inspirations from everywhere between Metal and Hip-Hop.

As of today they have put out four EPs and a single with 2017’s EP “Snowblind” being the first released worldwide through the Germany label “Bastardized Recordings“.

Snowblind” delivers a hard-hitting mix of rhythm, groove and aggression while confronting the listener on a journey through guilt, obsession, arrogance and fatalism.

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