Snuffed on Sight by Kevin Burleigh
Snuffed on Sight by Kevin Burleigh
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SNUFFED ON SIGHT ignites the Bay Area with debut LP and violent new track

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SNUFFED ON SIGHT, a brutal death metal/hardcore band hailing from San Francisco, is ready to unleash their debut LP, “Smoke,” onto the world. Set to be released next week through a collaboration between Maggot Stomp and Creator-Destructor Records, the album promises to be a forceful explosion of aggressive music.

In anticipation of its arrival, the band has dropped a new video for their track “Slippin‘” via Slam Worldwide channel, showcasing their repulsively violent sound.

Since their formation in 2020, SNUFFED ON SIGHT has been making waves in the underground scene with a barrage of material. From demos to singles, EPs to a split with Corpse Pile, the band has been leaving their mark on the heavy music landscape. What sets them apart from the pack of caveman-style death metal bands is their unique blend of slam-influenced sound and a self-aware sense of humor. Their approach to crafting some of the heaviest riffs of the year is both tongue-in-cheek and intentionally ignorant, garnering them a growing fanbase as they tour relentlessly across North America.

“Smoke,” the band’s debut album, is a dense and crushing experience, delivering eight slamming tracks in just fifteen minutes. The album was recorded by the band themselves and mixed/mastered by Hunter Young and Brandon Lopez at The Swamp Sound. The artwork, created by Johan Aberg/Cybernoseratu, perfectly complements the sonic onslaught contained within. SNUFFED ON SIGHT’s vocalist, Seven Kane, shares his thoughts on the “Slippin‘” single, stating that it is the first track the band ever wrote, which they reworked and re-recorded. The accompanying video was filmed at an old Burger King in San Francisco’s Mission district, chosen for its proximity to one of their favorite taquerias. It’s a testament to the band’s dedication to their Bay Area roots and the hardcore scene.

As fans eagerly await the release of “Smoke” on July 7th, they can pre-order the album in various formats through Maggot Stomp, Creator-Destructor, and Barbaric Brutality. Additionally, they can check out the previously released video for “Time 2 Dip.” SNUFFED ON SIGHT has also announced a hometown record release show on July 21st at Neck Of The Woods in San Francisco, where they will be supported by Doomsday, Soul Pain, and Manos De Fierro. Keep an eye out for further live performances from the band in the future.

In an industry saturated with bands, SNUFFED ON SIGHT’s unique blend of brutal death metal and hardcore sets them apart. Their penchant for delivering bone-crushing riffs with a touch of humor creates an unforgettable experience for fans.

With “Smoke,” their debut LP, just around the corner, the band is ready to leave an ungly mark on the heavy music scene.

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