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Sofia groovy hardcore punks ADULT CRUSH share new single “Ego War”

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ADULT CRUSH is a new and exciting band that, according to The Essence label, “will make you wanna dance like Eddie Sutton in Kingpin video”. Blending elements of NY crossover and delivering groovy and powerful tunes, the band promotes their upcoming debut album with 2 singles, second of which just landed online above.

“Friendship is the best foundation for any musical endeavor.” – comments the band. “Especially if it’s forged in curves of life, like ours. We all know each other for years – we’ve been on the same roller coaster doing various bands, sharing stages, and making things happen since the early ’90s. Adult Crush was spawned by throwing riffs and ideas around. It took a moment to materialize but once we’ve started working on these songs, it felt like this brings out everything we’d hope for to present under Adult Crush. This band expresses our love for hardcore and crossover, it takes us right back to our first mixtapes and to the time when everything around seemed exciting and powerful.”

Adult Crush by Elena Nenkova!
Adult Crush by Elena Nenkova!

Adds Adam Malik of The Essence label: “When Alex mentioned his new project, it naturally sparked my attention. Not only he’s one of my favorite humans to hang and tour with, but we share common ideas on hardcore and our taste in music often overlaps. It took a few a while till I eventually got their initial demo and although I expected this to be good, I did not think it will move me this way. Adult Crush pulls out from obvious sources but they also added their own swing and made it exceptionally good. The truth is that whenever I hear something that good, I feel like I want to participate. Hence this release. Adult Crush fits what I do with The Essence perfectly.”

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