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“Sown”: screamo act TO LANGUISH unveils a 10-track journey of self-discovery

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Exactly one week after the recent premiere of their collaboration track with Elsa Lezzagon from Drei Affen / Osoluna, screamo duo Jonna Wiberg and Cauli Honoré are back with the full presentation of their debut album called “Sawn”, and we’re thrilled to give you the first hearing above!

“There are some key subjects we wrote about in this record: being trans, lesbian, neurodivergent (I’m autistic), internalized lgbt struggles and much more.”, comments the duo, who crafted one of the most personal offerings in recent screamo. For over 2 years, the band has been releasing painfully personal music, traipsing through differents nooks of post hardcore and emotional screamo on a journey of tough self-discovery, and now they seem to grow more frank with each passing release. While it sometimes may be a struggle trying to make sense of the world and your place in it, music this powerful makes it much easier. “I’m sure every other transwoman who tries to thrive in this world will identify with”, Jonna and Cauli conclude.

Asked about the writing and recording process, they replied:

In September 2018, I, Jonna, went to visit Fabian Schulz who runs Sunsetter Recording Studio in Bremen, Germany. I stayed for around a week to hang out with him and he helped me record the album. Doing a full album all by myself was probably one of the most exhausting things I ever accomplished but I’m so happy I was able to. I can’t thank Fabi enough for all the help and time he put into this. Later in December (2018) I needed to finish up some vocals so my friend Jim Nurminen helped me to record them at Studio Blue in Stockholm, Sweden. There’s also some really neat guest vocals on this record from amazing women: Ren from Petrol Girls, Yasmin from Kodos and Elsa from Drei affen/Osoluna.


We have worked really hard on a second record which is like 75% finished maybe. We will start rehearsing these new songs together in February and we want to get out and tour. Sadly, we don’t have a drummer yet but we would love to note here that if you’re not a cis man and want to drum with us, you know where to find us on the interwebs!

A vinyl press of the record is coming but there is still a few things to be done to make it happen. The artwork of the record comes from the ever so amazing www.autojektor.com, who also did the awesome music video for the first single from this album. Watch it HERE.

Engineered, recorded, mixed & mastered by Fabian Schulz at Sunsetter Recording Studio. Bremen, Germany. Vocals recorded by Jim Nurminen at studio blue. Stockholm, Sweden. Additional guest vocals: Track 1 – Red Aldrige from Petrol girls, Track 3 – Yasmin Lauren from Kodos, Track 9 – Elsa Lezzzagon from Drei affen / Osoluna.

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