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Spanish experimental punks CEMËNTERI comment on new EP

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Alicante, Spain based afrobeat infused, experimental punk / post hardcore act CEMËNTERI have recently dropped a new EP dubbed PDP. The record came out a little over 5 months after their longer offering “Patio de la pitera“, and just like its predecessor, it delivers wicked, boisterous, and honest tracks that’ll compel you to move. Recorded live in studio at the El Miradoor in Alhama de Murcia, Spain by Marcos Velasco and mastered in Last Punch Mastering by Martin Ballesta, the EP can be found below, along with the band’s first hand track by track commentary! Check it out!

Catch CEMËNTERI live at the following local shows in Benicarlo and Zaragoza:



Guille/drums: This was the first song we wrote from scratch on our practice space the four of us, a collaborative effort, before that Joan, our guitar player, used to come with a song complete or a set of lyrics and we follow from that. Pdp instead, was created on our practice room, and I think you can see that in some way, because since we started to work in the songs this way, we can feel we are starting to sound like ourselves, you can like us or not but we are have our own personality and we are not trying to sound like anybody else, we are just us.

Carlos/voice: PDP means self esteem, member of a onanist and telluric secret society, where Cannabis is the only sacrament and the carrier: the Dyonisian soul: After the ritual you feel completely at ease, with a cleansed spirit haha!!


Joan/guitar: The Idea for this song comes from something that happened in Spanish congress, when a senator asked ironically to the goverment if the country was ready for a zombie apocalypse. I found it really funny and we made a song about it. Besides I have to admit Zombies is a theme I love. The song has a garage vibe that goes well with its B movie topic…

Guille/drums: Since the first time Joan brought the song to practice, it always sound to me like old Against me song. I tried to keep this “Reiventing Axl rose” vibe with my drumming: the drum roll beginning, the break with the kick drum…


Ale/bass: This song is about sex, life and drifting into death. everything what counts in this minute of death.
guille /drums : When we were writing the song we joke about trying to condense the whole story of post hardcore/emo in a one minute song… that´s where the song title also comes from.. one minute of e-mort haha!

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