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STEEL NATION release a new track from their upcoming album “Harder They Fall”!

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Harm Reduction Records and PA hardcore band STEEL NATION have released a new track accompanied by a tough video for the band’s new track “Bleak Outlook”! Get the full record at this location and see moe details below.

Here’s the official word from the label:

It’s rare that you hear a release that seems to perfectly capture what a band is ‘about’. The Harder They Fall is hard, heavy, personal, hardcore. It’s everything Steel Nation has been since the beginning.

Continuing to defy all trends. The path less taken put to music.

The band commented;

We just want to say thank you to everyone for all the support after announcing our preorder and new song. In April it will be 10 years since we started playing and we are grateful for all who have supported us since the beginning and those who are checking us out for the first time now. In 2015 we will be back to play a lot of the scenes we haven’t been to in years.


Proving that true creativity flourishes during adversity, Steel Nation has redefined the band on each release while overcoming personal obstacles that would have killed most acts. On its latest release, The Harder They Fall, the band offers a masters class in nuance. Straightforward hardcore bangers are given depth through smart playing that acknowledges the genre’s roots, but subtly moves the craft forward.

Hardcore for lifers.

01. Without You
02. Extract
03. World So Cold
04. The Harder They Fall
05. Collateral Damage
06. By the Wayside
07. The Endless Battle
08. Dead Survivors
09. Unbreakable Chain
10. All is Lost
11. Bleak Outlook

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