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STILL ILL – “The Greater Fool” video

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STILL ILL have unveiled their debut music video for the track “The Greater Fool”, coming from the band’s upcoming record “Building The Beast“, to be released in 2016 through Demons Run Amok and Rising Nemesis Records. Check it out below and share if you like what you hear.


the wheel that spins the world around its dirty loop
is empowered by clueless fools bowing down to dirty rules

you are working day by day
earning money for your own decay
taking all their bait
and paying above your grade

loaning money for useless goods
doing everything they say you should
even if you refuse the cruel
they will always find a greater fool

facing your demise
in this system of lies

this whole machine is built on people’s blind trust
so they can sell their products and we don’t ask too much

why do we buy all of their lies?
why do we empower their rule?
when do we break out of this mess?
I’ll tell you why

you are nothing but a gearwheel in their circle of abuse
some are more equal than the others but we are all born to lose
you’d even swallow poison if it’s the cheapest drink
even eat a long rotten corpse as long as it doesn’t stink


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