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Stoner prog rockers TREMOR AMA experiment with expansive psych sounds on excellent debut album “Beneath”, listen!

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Any volcanic eruption is preceded by a seismic wave commonly called “Tremor”. A fascinating phenomenon because, although imperceptible by man, it announces an uncontrollable geological manifestation. These vibrations directly inspired the name of Tremor Ama, while the band is committed to imbue their music with natural elements, then mix it with emotions, and to develop it in a dreamlike universe. With this debut album, the French quintet promises a gripping earthquake in the stoner / sludge scene.

After being forged around a first self-titled EP released in 2017, TREMOR AMA manages to assert their style through ‘Beneath’. With musicians coming from various scenes, the mix of influences has a lot to do with it, and represents its great strength. Epic riffs, never overwhelming, always redeeming, support striking melodies and are draped in psychedelic atmospheres and even post rock tones. Over this base are expressed catchy vocal lines, which one can only imagine sung along in concert. But behind this blatant progressive aspect, the band does not forget the punk frontality of their beginnings.

By dealing with themes such as introspection, love, the search for escape, or the decline of society and its influence on human beings, ‘Beneath’ highlights this form of social anxiety that is difficult to escape. Tremor Ama thus invites the acceptance of oneself despite their dark sides. Which, however, does not prevent embarking on the beautiful journey between arid lands and starry skies that this opus pictures.

Check out the band’s recent music video for the single “Grey”, and discover the powerful performance of Tremor Ama in a live session shot inside a brewery, with the track “Eclipse”:

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