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Sunsetter Sessions: heart-wrenching, spatial sounding screamo act BONEFLOWER

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Last year’s “Empty rooms, full bodies” LP  by BONEFLOWER, an intriguing, experimental post hardcore from Madrid, shared a lot of the same characteristics that made its screamo and post rock predecessors so endearing, but it also wastes little time demonstrating that this band is one to keep an eye on. After a couple of new singles released throughout earlier this year, the band is back with a 16-minute live recording shot in Sunsetter Recording Studio in Bremen, Germany, and we’re thrilled to present it in its full glory, along with the official word from the studio’s owner Fabian.

Empty rooms, full bodies” by BONEFLOWER is out now via Lifeisafunnything (Hof, Germany), Saltamarges (Girona, Spain), Dingleberry records (Giessen, Germany), zilpzalp records (Leipzig, Germany), Walking is still honest (Berlin/Córdoba, Germany/Spain), À fond d’Cale prod (Nancy, France), Unlock yourself (Rostov-on-don, Russia), and Tirano intergaláctico (Toledo, Spain). The band have reportedly plans to soon kick off a new phase of writing for their new album, with plans to hit the studio in July next year. A 2019 Summer Tour is also in the works.

Here’s what Sunsetter Recording Studio’s Fabian had to say about this collaboration:

Boneflower contacted me back in April when they were booking their European summer tour with Decubriendo a Mr.Mime to asked me if i could organize a show for them in Bremen. I usually don’t have the time to organize shows anymore since they collide with my work schedule alot so i offered them to shoot a live session at the studio if they wouldn’t find another show on that date. I always try to help bands on tour with a place to sleep or anything i can provide and so i was very happy that they contacted me and were down to do the session at the studio.

BONEFLOWER by Florian Nielsen Photography
BONEFLOWER by Florian Nielsen Photography

Filming the sessions went really smooth with both bands. We set up all the gear, soundchecked and worked on the lighting. It started sounding and looking good really fast so we started filming earlier than i expected. The filming was handled by two good friends of mine (Florian and disorderlovenpeace). Also Boneflower‘s drummer Jaime helped on filming Descubriendo a Mr.Mime and Mikel, a friend of them who was on tour with them, helped filming Boneflower.

Boneflower played their songs in two batches. Descubriendo a Mr.Mime recorded the songs you will see later this year in their session all together in one take. All Songs were recorded live without additional overdubbing or editing. The video was edited by Florian as well. Mixing and mastering was done by me at Sunsetter Studio.

BONEFLOWER by Florian Nielsen - Photography!

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