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SURVIVAL release new song!

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Manchester straight edge hardcore punks from SURVIVAL are back with a new track called “Strength Above All”. The new song called from their new 7 inch record “Forged In Iron 7″ and is available for streaming below. New Instinct and Powered Records are taking care of spreading around physical copies of the new outing. Hit ’em up to grab your own item.


A working class kid 
Parents did the best they could 
Teachers didn’t get paid enough to give a fuck 
Blamed his mistakes, on something else 
Youth passed him by, left by himself 
24 years with fuck all to show for it 
Never listened to anyone, didn’t have the time for it 
He always knew best, it’s the only thing he did 
Trapped inside the man is the same ignorant kid 
Time for change 
Born with backs to the wall 
Expected to waste this life 
Strength above all 
Won’t go down without a fight

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