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“Survive” – Swedish hardcore punks from ANCHOR release new single!

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Ha! So here it is. The time has come and one of the hardest working European hardcore bands is back with a new single off their upcoming new album “Distance & Devotion”!

The band’s latest full length “Recovery” was released in Summer 2011 via Let it Burn Records , React! Records,  Refuse Records, Pee Records, and Vegan Records.


The clock is ticking. I can’t turn it around. What’s done is done. I’ll pay the price when the time comes. I’ve got nothing to lose. No fear, no doubts. These hungry eyes won’t see another wasted day. Survive! Hanging by a thread. Fight for every breath. Hanging by a thread. No second chance. Through thick and thin. Through highs and lows. I’ve been coming a long way without anywhere to go. I never had a chance. I took it. I stole it with my bare hands, but I will never fall down on my knees.

Here’s the official press release:

Anchor returns with their third album Distance & Devotion in April 2015. The album holds 11 tracks built out of frustration, personal struggle, firm convictions and deeply rooted ethics. The band have forged a hard and heavy rock album in Distance & Devotion. Adding more melodys and better arrangment to their already energy filled songs made the new album just as powerfull as the bands liveshows. Being one of Europe´s most outstanding tour machines, Anchor founded in 2007, have played over 450 shows on five continents and closing in to 40 countries.

Anchor have played festivals as Peace & love, Bylarm, Millencolin Fest, Ieper Fest, New Noise Fest, Summer Blast and Fluff Fest. Have shared stages with Millencolin, The Hives, Madball and Judge and toured with Verse, Trial and Carpathian. Anchor is a full steam tour machine. Distance & Devotion was recorded by bandmember Fredrik Forsberg in Fvck Life Studios based in Trollhättan, Sweden.


The band commented:

“Through highs and lows I’ve been coming a long way without anywhere to go”

We started ANCHOR 8 years ago. We had a mission.
We wanted to say something, hit the road, inspire and get inspired.
We wanted to do something meaningful and hopefully contribute to our community.
We’d like to think we’ve done all of that.

Still, it feels like we’ve only gotten started.
The energy and determination is the same and our minds are set.
We welcome another 8 years with open arms.

With that said we’re very happy to share the first single off our new album “Distance & Devotion” with you all. This is “Survive”. Help us spread the word and hopefully see you all soon!
Love & Struggle / ANCHOR

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