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SVFFER – “Lies We Live” (2014)

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SVFFER – “Lies We Live” (2014)

Oh my… I’m literally speechless here. How the hell these guys made this shredding , violent record while being only humans is one of today’s most enduring mysteries :) Featuring Benjamin, ex-member of the highly influencial ALPINIST from Münster, Germany (with most of its members currently involved in JUNGBLUTH), SVFFER are taking us to another dimension of grindcore influenced metallic hardcore, powerviolence, or whatever you’d like to call it. One thing is certain. This piece of art is fierce, grisly, violent and dangerous and you should maintain the safe distance from fragile itemas while listening to this record.

Presented by Per Koro Records and Vendetta Records, this record should be you next pick, no doubt about that. Enjoy.


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