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“God Has Failed Us” – NO VICTORY premiere new track!

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Idiana hardcore heavywieghts from NO VICTORY have teamed up with us to give you the band’s new tune, coming from their forthcoming album Time To Die, to be released on Unbeaten Records (LEFT BEHIND, LOWERED AD) on August 12th. “God Has Failed Us” unleash their early metalcore influence that unites it with other signature players of the new heavy hardcore. The band’s influences include MERAUDER, ALL OUT WAR and SLAYER.

The album was recorded in Louisville, KY by Isaac Hale of the band KNOCKED LOOSE and mixed and mastered by NO VOCTORY’s own drummer, Derick Goodson. Rounded out by Austin Polus (vocals), Brian Pilla (guitar), Patrick Goodson (guitar) and Kegan Harrison (bass) No Victory has been a band for close to two years. Though their hometown of Gary is known to many as the birthplace of Michael Jackson, it’s nowhere near pleasant. At the turn of the millennium, Gary was listed as the murder capital of the United States.

That harsh outlook translated to No Victory’s music, which is pure catharsis. The album title Time To Die has deeply personal meaning to the band’s members. Though together a relatively short time, the group has done an ambitious amount of touring to this point. This includes two west coast tours, an extensive southern run and the mid-west. The band has toured with groups including Cross Me, Purgatory, Knocked Loose and Detain among others.

The group will announce summer tour dates around the album’s release shortly and hereis the link for album pre-orders.

Here’s another new track called “Illusions Of Temptation”, premiered earlier this month on Lambgoat magazine:

NO VICTORY 2014/2015 demos:

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